Stephen Boehm

School of Science, Department of Psychology IUPUI

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Areas of Expertise

Drug addiction, alcoholism, cannabis, alcohol, adolescence, mouse behavior, behavioral neuroscience.

Expert Bio

Stephen Boehm is a professor of psychology and director of the undergraduate neuroscience program. His work currently focuses on the genetic, developmental and environmental conditions influencing drug- and alcohol-related behavior and neurobiology in mice.

Boehm received his Ph.D. in behavioral neuroscience in 2002 from the Oregon Health and Science University, where he studied the neurobehavioral genetics of alcoholism in mice. He did postdoctoral work at the University of Texas at Austin, were he studied GABA-A receptor systems and alcohol sensitivity in mice. He was recruited to the Department of Psychology at IUPUI in 2009 from Binghamton University.

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Updated on: January 6, 2020