Madeline Chera

Department of Sociology and Anthropology IU South Bend

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Areas of Expertise

Food anthropology, environmental anthropology, food culture, South Asia, India, South India, food-focused development projects, agricultural biodiversity, food and nutrition, local agriculture, heritage, material culture, post-colonialism, pedagogy, teaching.

Expert Bio

Madeline Chera is a cultural anthropologist with expertise in the anthropology of food and in environmental anthropology and a regional focus on South India. Her current research explores the roles of foods and food-related practices construed as traditional within new and changing cultural contexts.

Chera's focus is on the consumption side of the food chain, with particular concern for cooking, serving, eating and public discourse. However, the relationships these activities have with wider food system issues of public health, environmental sustainability, and local and global political economy are also of central importance to her analysis.

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Updated on: September 24, 2018