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Bernard Fraga

Department of Political Science IU Bloomington

(812) 856-0132

Areas of Expertise

Elections, election law, voter turnout, race, ethnicity, politics, politics of identity.

Expert Bio

Bernard L. Fraga is an assistant professor of political science whose research examines American elections, electoral politics, and racial and ethnic politics.

In studying these topics, Fraga conducts statistical analyses of voter registration and turnout records, election results, and demographic estimates. His 2018 book, "The Turnout Gap," examines the causes and consequences of racial/ethnic disparities in voter turnout.

Fraga received his Ph.D. from Harvard and his B.A. from Stanford. His research has been featured in leading peer-reviewed journals in political science, along with The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Economist and other outlets.

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Additional Information

"The Turnout Gap":

"The turnout gap between whites and racial minorities is larger than you think -- and hard to change":