Andrew "AJ" Young


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Areas of Expertise

Gender; sexuality; LGBTQ studies; LGBTQ identities; transgender issues and identities; gender and inequality; gender and sports; sexuality and sports; gender and culture; sexuality and culture; sociology of literature; transgender literature; and diversity, equity and inclusion in organizations.

Expert Bio

Andrew "AJ" Young's academic work centers on gender and sexuality in culture, specifically how queer and transgender identities are experienced, represented and negotiated in popular culture, sports and organizations.

Young received his Ph.D. in sociology from Temple University and has taught in both sociology and women's and gender studies. He also has more than 10 years of experience in university student services, with an emphasis on diversity and inclusion and civic engagement work.

Young identifies as a white, queer, transgender man and uses he/him pronouns.

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Updated on: November 20, 2018