Peter Schubert

Richard G. Lugar Center for Renewable Energy, School of Engineering and Technology IUPUI

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Areas of Expertise

Thermochemical biomass conversion, gasification, hydrogen generation, hydrogen storage, Density Functional Theory, Wireless Power Transfer, engineering optimization, artificial intelligence, techno-economic analysis, entrepreneurship, innovation, semiconductor devices, Space Solar Power, propellantless propulsion, in situ resource utilization, high-temperature materials, algorithm development, statistics, forensic engineering, materials science, renewable energy, sensors, space architecture, lunar science, catalysis, leadership, grant writing, team development.

Expert Bio

Peter Schubert is a professor of electrical and computer engineering in the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology at IUPUI and serves as the director of the Richard G. Lugar Center for Renewable Energy. He is also president of Green Fortress Engineering, a university start-up.

Schubert has more than 100 technical publications and has received grants from the USDA, DOE, DOD, NASA, NSF and GSA worth $4 million. There are 42 U.S. patents in his name, and 13 more in the EU. Prior to academics, he was a technical fellow at Delphi Electronics & Safety in Kokomo.

He has been a vegan for 30 years.

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