Wayne James

Public Safety and Institutional Assurance Indiana University

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Areas of Expertise

Law enforcement, diversity and inclusion, community policing, use of force, fair and unbiased policing.

Expert Bio

Wayne James is deputy superintendent for regional law enforcement for the Indiana University Police Department, which has police divisions on each campus. James also serves as the chief diversity officer for IUPD.

James is a certified Indiana law enforcement instructor specializing in gangs, building entries and general instruction. As IUPD's first chief diversity officer, which is a unique position in higher education law enforcement, he shows leadership throughout the department in such issues as community engagement, officer training and employee recruitment.

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Additional Information

"Wayne James: An advocate of IUN, Gary community": https://www.iun.edu/news/2016/chief-james-feature.htm

"Chief Wayne James named to list of 40 Under 40 notable law enforcement leaders from around the world": https://www.iun.edu/news/2018/iupd-wayne-james-iacphonor.htm

"IUPD, campus community representatives review use of force issues": https://protect.iu.edu/news/iu/2018/de-escalation-training.html

Updated on: June 5, 2020