Heather Calloway

Office of the Vice President for Research Indiana University

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Areas of Expertise

Preservation of collections; freemasonry, fraternal organizations and secret societies; civic, religious and charitable organizations; augmented and virtual reality and collections; the Episcopal Church; preservation of church records, art and artifacts; historic preservation of material culture, ephemera and rare books; hidden collections; emerging technologies in special collections, libraries and museums; archival and primary source use, application and engagement; American Christian history; New Mexico history.

Expert Bio

Heather K. Calloway is executive director of university collections at Indiana University. Her position has broad responsibility for the stewardship of IU's myriad collections, consistent with the university's teaching, research and service missions.

Calloway's research is in preserving fraternal and religious memorabilia and collections, and finding innovative ways to engage new audiences with primary sources, rare objects and collections. She has a doctorate in higher education management from the University of Pennsylvania. Her articles have appeared in various publications, and she regularly presents lectures focused on preserving and caring for archival, museum and library collections.

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Additional Information

Collections @ IU: http://collections.iu.edu

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/heather-calloway/

The Augmented Archives Project: https://askwcarchives.wixsite.com/augmentedarchives

"Bringing Primary Source Materials to Life with AR": https://campustechnology.com/articles/2018/09/18/bringing-primary-source-materials-to-life-with-ar.aspx

"Augmented Reality Archives Bring Historical Artifacts to Life": https://edtechmagazine.com/higher/article/2018/08/augmented-reality-archives-bring-historical-artifacts-life

Updated on: January 7, 2020