Jill Lees

Indiana University Police Department IU Bloomington

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Areas of Expertise

Law enforcement, public and media relations, police chaplain, hostage negotiation, Rape Aggression Defense Systems instructor, CALEA team leader, accreditation, policy, community policing.

Expert Bio

Jill Lees started as the chief of IU Police Department Bloomington on March 4, 2019. Before coming to IU, she had a 23-year career at the Plainfield Police Department. She graduated from Indiana University in 1995 with a degree in criminal justice, attending the IU Police Academy in 1994.

Lees was sworn in as a Plainfield police officer on May 15, 1995. During her career at the Plainfield Police Department, she served as a DARE officer, department instructor/field training officer, bicycle patrol officer, school resource officer, Explorer Post leader, hostage negotiator, chaplain, public information officer, child safety seat technician, CALEA accreditation manager, RAD instructor and crime watch coordinator.

Expert Videos

[Words appear in lower-left corner: Indiana University presents] [Video: Indiana University Police Department-Bloomington Chief Jill Lees smiles while at a staff meeting at the IUPD office, sitting next to a sergeant. Then she is seen standing at his desk talking to him while he is seated. After, she is seen talking to an IU student outside at a picnic table in front of a large “Bloomington” mural. Then she is seen talking on a microphone in front of a large group of students in an IU auditorium. Lastly, she is seen walking on IU’s campus.] Lees speaks in voiceover: I think the big surprise, starting out as chief of police, is how many people I actually knew or had something in common with when I came back to campus. Before the semester ended, I was able to see a lot of students on campus that said, “Hey, I remember you. You came to my high school.” Or “I remember, you were my DARE officer.” [Video: Lees appears on camera.] [Words appear: Jill Lees, Chief of police of the Indiana University Police Department-Bloomington] Lees speaks: And, I think that was just the neatest thing. I would go through the line at Starbucks, and giving everybody a hug. People were staring at me, but I thought that was a neat thing that there were so many people I already knew coming to campus. [Video: An IU Police Department sign is shown, followed by several IUPD SUVs in the IUPD parking lot. Next, the IUPD sergeant sits at a table, writing on a piece of paper. Sitting at the same table are three other officers, as well as Lees. Lastly, an Indiana University Police Academy sign is shown, as well as a close-up of an IUPD badge and an IUPD vehicle driving through a parking lot.] Lees speaks in voiceover: What I would like for students and staff to know about IUPD Bloomington division is, it is a fully functional police department that’s open 24/7, 365 days, to serve the needs of students, staff, faculty and visitors of the IU campus. [Video: Lees appears on camera.] Lees speaks: We offer a wide variety of self-defense presentations, as well as other safety talks. [Video: Lees walks down the aisle of an auditorium and takes a microphone from a woman who is introducing her to a large group of students. She turns around to face the students and begins talking. Later Lees is seen talking to two individuals, one on one. Lees speaks in voiceover: And my goal is to make sure that we are doing things and interacting with people and enhancing campus community in ways that we never have before. [Video: Lees appears on camera.] Lees speaks: And one of my main goals moving forward is to make sure that I make all the important connections on campus … [Video: The nameplate outside Lees’ office is shown, followed by her diploma from Indiana University. Lees is shown shaking hands with a student on campus, followed by her walking down an aisle at an auditorium. She smiles toward the camera.] Lees speaks in voiceover: … to make sure that they can put a name with the face, and that they can see that I am approachable and available for their needs. [Screen goes to black] [IU trident appears] [Words appear: Indiana University] [END OF TRANSCRIPT]
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Updated on: April 16, 2021