Stephen Wintermeyer

IU School of Medicine IUPUI

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Areas of Expertise

Flu vaccines, college health, occupational lung disease, asbestosis, occupational asthma.

Expert Bio

Dr. Stephen Wintermeyer is an associate professor of clinical medicine at the IU School of Medicine and the director of IUPUI Campus Health. His area of expertise is occupational lung diseases. He sees patients at University Hospital for a variety of problems, such as occupational asthma, asbestosis and other pneumoconioses.

Wintermeyer is dedicated to promoting the health and wellness of the students, faculty and staff at IUPUI. He has significant experience in providing preventive services, including influenza and other vaccines, to students, faculty and staff.

He completed his pulmonary/critical care/occupational medicine training at UC San Francisco in December 1995. He then moved to Indiana and joined the IU School of Medicine faculty in February 1996. He has been on the faculty since that time.

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Updated on: October 22, 2019