Lauren Smith

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The Media School IU Bloomington

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Areas of Expertise

Sports, sports media, identity in sports, gender and sport, race and sport, media portrayals in sport, fan identity, effects of sports media, sports media and activism.

Expert Bio

Lauren Smith is an assistant professor of sports media in The Media School at IU Bloomington. Her main research area lies in mediasport -- the intersection between sports and mass media. Her research encapsulates both mass media and social media, which has enabled her to complete research that focuses on issues of gender, race and national identity.

Smith primarily analyzes how athletes are portrayed in the media, as well as how new technologies enhance a fan’s enjoyment of a game. More recent work has begun to examine the effects of sports media on audiences, primarily focusing on attention and issues of fan identity. She has published extensively on these topics and has also served as an expert on panels about issues of gender equality in sport, as well as issues of sexual abuse in sport.

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Updated on: May 6, 2020