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Ordering app debuts Monday for campus cafés

Campus Life Sep 25, 2020
A woman puts food on a pick up station
A woman puts food on a pick up station

KOKOMO, Ind. — Do you need a quick meal between classes? Craving a cappuccino after chemistry, but don’t have time to wait in line?

Starting Monday, you don’t have to.

The Cougar Country Café and Ground Up Café will debut their Campus Cafés app, available in the Apple and Google Play stores for free download, putting menus of both outlets at your fingertips.

“With the app, people can order and receive their food more quickly and with less contact,” said Jennifer Rozzi, owner of Rozzi’s Food Service, which manages the cafeteria and coffee shop. “Students can place an order through the app and it’ll be ready about 15 to 20 minutes later.”

Most of the menu is available for order, with only grab-and-go snack items not included yet. After a user orders and pays for his or her food, the app gives a time period for pick up. Orders will be available on a designated rack, with a warmer for hot food and a cooler for cold foods.

Users can input allergens to have items containing those foods hidden in their menu and can customize pizzas or salads as well. They may also designate favorites for quick re-ordering.

Rozzi said because of COVID-19 restrictions, the cafeteria hasn’t been able to offer the salad bar. In the app, users can custom build their own salad.

The cafés also will have a loyalty program, with points toward free items earned with each purchase. The points, as well as coupons, are also usable with the app. Each person who downloads it and registers an account will receive a coupon for a free pizza or cappuccino.

“I think people will be pleased with the convenience and quick service this app makes available,” she said. “We’re happy to make this option available.”

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