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Masterworks choir plans first concert

Arts Nov 15, 2021
A woman stands at a microphone in front of a choir
A woman stands at a microphone in front of a choir

KOKOMO, Ind. – Indiana University Kokomo’s newest choral ensemble debuts Friday, November 19, with its first concert.

The Masterworks chorus will perform at 7 p.m. in Kresge Auditorium, featuring five selections from the campus’s music files, according to Wendy Grice, senior lecturer in music.

“Our goal is to give more people an opportunity to participate in music,” she said, because the Cougar Choir’s daytime practices aren’t an option for many singers.

“There are students, particularly  in education and music, who want to be in the choir, or they have music minors and need the ensemble credit, but they can’t fit 4 p.m. two days a week in their schedule,” she said. “We also have faculty and staff who can’t participate because they are teaching or working at that time. This gives them another option.”

The Masterworks name comes from the music the group will perform — classics selected from music the campus already owns.

“We have filing cabinets full of music, so much good music that doesn’t get used,” Grice said. “There are some we sang years and years ago, and we’re bringing them back.”

As a student whose schedule would not have allowed time to be in the Cougar Choir, Logan Brittain appreciates the chance to participate.

“As a music education student, I’m thankful for the opportunity to hone my conducting and rehearsal-leading skills before I enter the profession,” Brittain said.

Sarah Murdock joined after taking a class with Grice, and said the group is welcoming to new members.

“The thing I enjoy most is that we are able to bond as a group while still learning our own parts,” she said. “I hope to learn new vocal techniques and songs that are suited for my voice.”

The concert is free and open to the public.

Membership in the Masterworks choir is open for the spring semester, with rehearsals at 7 p.m. Tuesdays. No audition is required, and it can be taken for class credit.

For more information contact Grice at

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