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Hooding ceremony celebrates graduate students

May 8, 2023
A group of people gather for a picture in front of a red backdrop.
A group of people gather for a picture in front of a red backdrop.

KOKOMO, Ind. — Indiana University Kokomo celebrated the hard work and dedication of its graduate students, honoring them at the annual master’s hooding ceremony Friday (May 5).

Forty-seven students in the Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Public Management (MPM), Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), Master of Science in Education and Master of Science in Criminal Justice and Public Safety programs received the hoods that recognize them for earning advanced degrees. Each one chose a significant faculty or staff member to drape the hood before exchanging a handshake or hug.

Danielle Runda, IU Kokomo assistant registrar, chose her colleague Tara Grant, associate registrar, to present her MPM hood, noting that she continued her career while earning her graduate degree.

“I started in 2017, going to school part-time and growing my family while I was in school,” she said. “It was a lot of work, and I’m happy and proud of my accomplishment.”

Landy Ozmun said it was a great feeling to have completed his MBA.

“It’s nice to be done and know all my hard work has finally paid off,” he said. “Now, I can excel from here and kick off my career.”

He appreciated the support of his cohort.

“It’s nice to have a class that sticks together the whole time,” he said. “You meet people from day one and you’re with them throughout that experience. It’s a nice feeling to make new friends and accomplish this.”

Mallory Hunley looks forward to leading professional collaboration at work with her MSN.

“It’s definitely an accomplishment,” she said. “Having completed it, I’m going to get to spend more time with my family and will be able to perform better at my job.”

Outstanding student award winners are:

MBA:  Trevor Conwell, Noblesville

MBA Stellantis cohort: Tonia Fetters, Noblesville

Master of Mental Health Counseling: Amber Beatty, Kokomo

MPM: Carly Chenoweth, Russiaville

MSN: Craig Miller, Kokomo

Graduate students earning master’s degrees include:

Master of Business Administration

Fishers: Fahad Alfaheid,Aida Alfuhed

Florissant, Missouri: Melvin Jones

Greentown: Becca Mundell

Huntington: Katie Stanley

Indianapolis: Tyler Highbaugh

Kokomo: Carleigh Feldhouse, Ramiz Hatimi, Landry Ozmun,Kimberly Rombold, Logan Smith, Kelcey Snyder, Cesar Terron

Lafayette: Brent Bellah

Logansport: Nate Miller

Noblesville:Haylie Armstrong, Trevor Conwell, Tonia Fetters

Peru:Brandi Jones, Kaitlyn Jones, Susan Rice           

Westfield: Nathan Voorhis    

Master of Public Management   

Frankfort: Gabriela Mora Cervantes

Indianapolis: Melissa Cavaletto

Kokomo: Kehinde Edebiri, Kelly Gebhart, Danielle Runda

Peru: Cooper Wolfe

Russiaville:Carly Chenoweth

Master of Science in Education

Kokomo: Amy Henderson

Master of Science in Criminal Justice and Public Safety

Kokomo: Christian O’Donnell

Master of Science in Nursing

Carmel: Dawn Ellington

Fishers: Amos Kangau

Kokomo: Ashley Bryant, James Cesare,Lora Dillman,Kelly Foreit,Mallory Hunley, Craig Miller, Pia Strong

Lafayette:Carlie Elston, Karli Hession           

Logansport: Laura Finn

Pennyville: Trina Peterson     

Russiaville: Alyssa Moon

Terre Haute: Debora Long

Warren: Sonya Harrison

Education is KEY at Indiana University Kokomo.

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