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School of Nursing welcomes 48 students to program

Jan 10, 2020
Aerial view of nursing students
Aerial view of nursing students

KOKOMO, Ind. – The Indiana University Kokomo School of Nursing congratulated 48 students on acceptance into its prestigious Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, with its traditional induction ceremony Wednesday (January 8).

Wearing the red scrubs that mark them as an IU nursing student for the first time, each student crossed the stage to receive a certificate of accomplishment, and together, they recited the Nursing Pledge, a promise to uphold the ethics of the nursing profession. 

They also wore sunglasses, a nod to the 1986 song, “My Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades.”

Dean Susan Hendricks commended the class on its achievements, and reflected on what it takes to become a nurse. She urged students to build relationships to support one another on the rigorous path ahead of them.

“Look around you at the other students in red scrubs,” she said. “These people around you are your fellow travelers. Some will become lifelong friends. Others, co-workers. Treat them well. Respect any differences you may have. Overlook their minor imperfections. Be generous with your care and concern for one another.

“In a short time, at the close of this chapter in your life, you will be a difference person — a care provider, teacher, coach, team member, leader, advocate, and thinker — you will be a nurse.”

Students inducted are listed by hometown. They include:

Burlington: Lauren Spraker

Carmel: Tori Frew

Edinburgh: Kendall Williams

Fishers: Ricardia Elie

Flora: Gabriella Gonzales

Frankfort: Alexis Calderon Flores 

Galveston: Amanda Keiter, Carlie Ritchie

Greentown: Asha Hochstedler

Jonesboro: Laci Stone

Kokomo: Madyson Alley, Kayla Fogle, Alexandra Grecu, Olivia Grecu, Gabrielle Killebrew, Brittany Lake, Karyna Lohinova, Madelyn Millikan, Teli Mussial, Shaylee Shafer, Chloe Trissel, Ellie White

LaFontaine: Alyssa Bitzel

Logansport: Kaylee Balasa, Vanessa Garcia, Ethan Hostetler, Lesly Reyes Lopez, Skylar Russell

Marion: Lily Davis, Taylor Fleece, Brandon Hewitt

Monon: Carly Conwell

Mulberry: Parker George

Noblesville: Alexis Gilbert

North Manchester: Maria Ramos Hernandez

Peru: Mykenzie Cross, Leah Graber, Jenna Main, Madison Winegardner, Kenyona Young

Rochester: Katie Robison, Sydney Robison

Sugarland, Texas: Naomi Fakolade

Summitville: Ashley Honeycutt

Tipton: Kaelin Crawford, Kaitlyn Williams

Wabash: MaKayla Proffitt

Windfall: Katie Tentler

Indiana University Kokomo celebrates 75 years as north central Indiana’s choice for higher education.

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