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Jesse Eisenberg takes on Tyra Buss one-on-one

Mar 15, 2017

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Jesse Eisenberg takes on Tyra Buss one-on-one video on

[Video: Tyra Buss appears. She is on the basketball court at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall on the Indiana University Bloomington campus.]


Tyra Buss: My name is Tyra Buss.

[Video: Jesse Eisenberg appears holding a basketball.]

Jesse Eisenberg: Hi, my name is Jesse Eisenberg.

Buss: We’re about to play some one-on-one.

Eisenberg: Yes, but keep in mind this is for an article that I’m writing. So, I’m a writer. I have the physique of a writer.

Buss: We ready? Alright. Here we go!

[Video:Buss passes a basketball to Eisenberg. He starts dribbling and they play. Eisenberg shoots the ball and misses. Buss gets the rebound, dribbles out to the three-point line, shoots and makes the basket.]

Eisenberg: Oh.


[Video: Buss laughs as Eisenberg gets the rebound.]

Eisenberg: I don’t think I have ever played anybody with that ability. So, I see.

Buss: Alright. Round two.

Eisenberg: Alright.

[Video: Eisenberg and Buss play basketball, dribbling and shooting and running on the court. Video is time lapsed and shows their play moving forward quickly.]

[Video: Video slows and Eisenberg shoots a layup and makes the basket.]

Buss: Oh, look at that!

Eisenberg: OK. OK.

Buss: What a move!

[Video: Buss and Eisenberg high five.]

Buss: That was impressive. I wasn’t expecting that.

Eisenberg: Really?

[Video: Buss nods as she passes the basketball to Eisenberg.]

Buss: That was impressive.

[Video: Eisenberg passes the basketball back to Buss.]

Buss: I’ve got to stay on my game.

[Video: Buss dribbles.]

[Video: Eisenberg and Buss play basketball, dribbling and shooting and running on the court. Video is time lapsed and shows their play moving forward quickly.]

[Video: A person walks out onto the court. They stop play.]

Eisenberg: [Breathing heavy] Can I get a whatever-it’s-called?

Buss: Thirty or full?

Eisenberg: Hour, hour. Full hour.


[Video: Buss laughs]

Eisenberg: Weekend. Give me the weekend.

Buss: The weekend. [laughs]

[Video: Eisenberg starts to walk off the court.]

Eisenberg: I need like a ventilator break.

[Video: Buss is dribbling and she and Eisenberg are back on the court.]

Buss: I’m feeling this one.

[Video: Buss dribbles in front of Eisenberg. Stops and shoots.]

Buss: There it is.

[Video: The basketball goes through the hoop.]

Eisenberg: Wait, wait. But did you go over? Don’t you forfeit if you go over?

[Video: Buss and Eisenberg talk on the court.]

Buss: I’ve got to make a free throw.

Eisenberg: You’ve got eight points.

Buss: You can still go over.

Eisenberg: OK. Trying to get you on a technicality.

Buss: You trying to bust me?

Eisenberg: Yeah. Yeah.

Buss: Oh OK.

[Video: Eisenberg passes Buss the ball. She shoots a free throw and makes the basket.]

Eisenberg: Wow. Wow.

[Video: Eisenberg gets the rebound and walks over to Buss. They shake hands.]

Eisenberg: That was amazing.

[Video: Eisenberg looks at the camera while holding the basketball in his hands.]

Eisenberg: So, we just finished playing. I was defeated humbly. Two times. I’m

going to write a story about my experience kind of like becoming aware

of the IU Women’s Basketball team and Tyra and how amazing they are.

[Video: Buss stands next to Eisenberg and listens as he speaks.]

Eisenberg: Thank you so much for playing with me.

Buss: Thank you so much. It was fun.

[Video: Buss and Eisenberg shake hands.]

Buss: It was fun. You are impressive.

Eisenberg: Thank you.

[Video: IU Trident appears]

[End of transcript]

Actor Jesse Eisenberg and IU women’s basketball standout Tyra Buss go head-to-head in Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall.

Eisenberg will be writing an article about his experience with the IU women’s basketball team. Watch as he and Buss show off their basketball skills and find out who comes out on top.

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