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News at IU: New look, same promise

Mar 28, 2017
A few of the many tags available on the News at IU site.
A few of the many, many tags available on the News at IU site.

Inside IUPUI has a new look! And News at IU has a new website. The challenge: Take two core campuses, several email newsletters, three separate internal communications newsletters and sites, and various blogs, and incorporate all of them into one site that serves everyone effectively.

The new site brings together news from all over Indiana University. You can browse news for IUPUI and IU Bloomington as well as news for all of the university, including the regional campuses.

If you currently have an IU Newsroom feed on your site, contact IU Communications for the information you need.

New features include:

  • A completely new way to categorize news and stories that will assist with navigation through a “tagging” system.
  • The ability to toggle between campuses to see the latest news on each campus.
  • Trending articles from every campus.
  • The ability to incorporate several different forms of media into stories.
  • Mobile responsiveness that makes the system accessible on any desktop, cellphone or tablet.

The new website launched Thursday, March 23, and all Inside IUPUI content will be published there from now on. If you have a question or a story idea for Inside IUPUI staff, send it to Inside IUPUI will continue its normal publication cycle, appearing in your email inbox each Tuesday.

This design will make it easier for Hoosiers on every campus to connect, build community and learn about the innovations and accomplishments taking place at IU each day.

“The new website is a fresh, modern, robust and interactive communications portal that offers engaging and compelling content and will truly allow us to showcase the collective impact of our faculty, staff and students,” said Margie Smith-Simmons, assistant vice president of strategic communications. “After nearly two years of planning, hard work and dedication, I’m extremely proud of the team throughout IU Communications that saw this project through to fruition. We are excited to increase the visibility of all Indiana University has to offer.”


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