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IUPUI honors female leaders

Apr 11, 2017
Campus honorees at the Women's Leadership Awards
Campus leaders honored at the Women’s Leadership Awards ceremony in late March. Back row, from left: Lyla Mahmoud, Jane Schultz, Vicki Daugherty, Amber Kriech, Janice Bloom, Kimberly Lewis. Front row, from left: Elaine Cooney, Leslie Ashburn-Nardo, Robin Hughes, Brandi Rund, Susannah Gawor, Gabriela Mazur.Photo by Liz Kaye, IU Communications

The IUPUI Office for Women and the Division of Student Affairs held the 20th Annual Women’s History Month Leadership Awards reception and honored 15 female faculty, staff and students as outstanding leaders on campus. The program concluded a month of celebration of National Women’s History month under the 2017 theme, “Honoring Trailblazing Women in Labor and Business.”

Five faculty members, four staff members and six students received recognition during the event, which took place in the Campus Center on March 28. One of the awards from the Office for Women celebrated the “IUPUI Inspirational Woman.” This year’s recipient was professor Jane Schultz from the Department of English in the IU School of Liberal Arts.

Other award recipients were as follows:

Veteran faculty members:

  • Leslie Ashburn-Nardo, associate professor, psychology, School of Science.
  • Janice Blum, associate vice chancellor for graduate education.
  • Elaine Cooney, professor, electrical and computer engineering technology, School of Engineering and Technology.
  • Robin Hughes, executive associate dean, School of Education.

Veteran staff members:

  • Vicki Daugherty, program manager and diversity coordinator, School of Informatics and Computing.
  • Kimberly Lewis, associate registrar, Office of the Registrar.

Newcomer staff members:

  • Susannah Gawor, director, graduate business programs in medicine, Kelley School of Business.
  • Brandi Rund, support services team lead, IUPUC.


  • Melanie Scheive, School of Science. Major: Neuroscience.
  • Gabriela Mazur, School of Science. Majors: Biochemistry and neuroscience.
  • Amber Kriech, School of Engineering and Technology. Major: Organizational leadership and supervision.
  • Lyla Mahmoud, School of Liberal Arts. Major: Political science.
  • Melanie Wiseman, School of Medicine. Major: Third-year medical doctorate.
  • Jacquelyn Fletcher, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. Major: Doctorate in physical therapy.

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