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Get ready to ride!

Apr 18, 2017
A woman rides a bike in front of University Library
A woman rides a bike in front of University Library late last month.Liz Kaye, IU Communications

In true Indiana fashion, the weather has been far from temperate this season. Although the unpredictable weather makes it difficult to plan ahead, Parking and Transportation Services officials say it’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the Bike IUPUI program.

As a part of the Bike IUPUI program, Parking and Transportation Services is offering free bike registration, which provides riders with several benefits, including:

  • Lifetime permits for as long as the rider owns the bicycle.
  • A deterrent to theft.
  • Help in recovery of lost or stolen bicycles.
  • Help with accident victim identification.
  • Decreased likelihood of ticketing or impoundment, and helps Parking and Transportation Services get in touch with riders whose bicycles have been picked up or impounded.

Sheri Eggleton, director of Parking and Transportation Services, emphasized the importance of registering bicycles on campus.

“Especially during springtime, it’s important for our office to remind the campus and raise awareness that these bike riders are back,” she said. “It’s also a reminder to those who do ride their bike to campus to register their bike and also to use the designated bike racks around the campus.”

The director also shared the collaboration between the office and the university’s Welcoming Campus Initiative. In order to beautify the campus in alignment with the initiative, bike racks are being pushed back from the front of buildings to improve visual appeal and decrease clutter.  

As the campus evolves and grows, Parking and Transportation Services encourages students to be creative and patient as the office seeks solutions.

A bicycle maintenance station on campus
One of three bicycle maintenance stations on campus.

“One thing that I often forget myself is the opportunity to utilize the Indiana Pacers BikeShare program on campus,” Eggleton said. “There is a set of bikes just next to the Campus Center that could serve as an option to commuters to use between classes rather than moving their cars.”

Bike riders can also use the indoor bike parking at Hine Hall for those rainy, blustery days. And if your bike needs a little work, check out one of the bike maintenance stations on campus: at the south end of the SPEA breezeway; on the south side of the Campus Center; and on the east side of Hine Hall.

Students, staff and faculty alike should be aware of their surroundings and every passenger on the road, including bike riders, pedestrians and motor vehicles on campus.

As a reminder, Eggleton urges riders to follow these safety protocols:

  • Stick to streets and dedicated paths while riding; do not ride on sidewalks.
  • Ride with traffic, not against it.
  • Have lights on bicycles for night riding.
  • Obey the same traffic signals that apply to vehicles and motorists.

To register your bike at no cost, visit the Parking and Transportation Services office in the Vermont Street Garage. Be sure to bring or know your university ID; your bicycle make, style, speeds, color and serial number; and a picture of your bicycle.

For questions or concerns regarding a bicycle on campus, or to recommend a new bike rack location, email .

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