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Thousands of IU graduates received degrees and a mission

May 17, 2017

Description of the following video:


[Video: Graduates processing in robes and mortarboards]

[Words appear: 7 campuses, over 20,000 degrees awarded, one week of celebrations]

[Video: Fly over graphical map of the United States until we arrive over the state of Indiana where 7 tridents are arranged over each Indiana University campus. We fly through the trident over IU Bloomington]

[Video: Aerial of the Old Cresent at IU]

[Video: IU seal on a large screen]

[Video: Timelapse of Assembly Hall filling with graduates] [Video: Mothers and children lean over a rail waving and taking pictures]

[Video: Young female graduate looks up as if to find her family in the crowd]

[Video: Group of female graduates laugh together]

[Video: President McRobbie speaks at a podium during commencement]

[Video: Mortarboard on young woman reads “Future looks good”]

[Video: Young male and female stand together and move their tassels to the right side of their mortarboards]

[Video: Graphical map zooms into IU Southeast]

[Video: Southeast campus library]

[Video: Students process into large arena for commencement]

[Video: Military color guard processes]

[Video: Group of students smile as they stand at their seats]

[Video: Two female students hug each other and air kiss]

[Video: 3 female graduates stand in front of a IU Southeast backdrop and pose for a photo]

[Video: Female graduate looks into the lens and smiles]

[Video: Graphical map zooms into IU Kokomo ]

[Video: IUK campus shot] [Video: Hallway of graduates wave at the camera as it goes by]

[Video: Graduates process in]

[Video: Graduates sit as the someone from the platform party speaks from stage]

[Video: Two female graduates take a selfie]

[Video: A group of graduates smile and wave at the camera]

[Video: Graphical map zooms into IU South Bend]

[Video: Aerial of IUSB in Autumn]

[Video: Graduates process as the IU seal comes into focus in the distance]

[Video: Chancellor speaks at the podium]

[Video: A graduate walks by and hugs a friend]

[Video: Graphical map zooms into IU Northwest]

[Video: Aerial shot of IUN]

[Video: Two graduates, one male and one female, hug each other]

[Video: Graduates process into the convention center]

[Video: A male graduate stands up while those around applaud him]

[Video: Rapid montage of graduates being handed their diplomas]

[Video: A male student shakes his fist and smiles with pride]

[Video: Graphical map zooms into IU East]

[Video: Aerial of IU East campus]

[Video:A crowd of people looking in the same direction ]

[Video: A man walks into position with his camera]

[Video: A graduate processes in line illuminated by stage lights ]

[Video: Graduates are lined up to go onto stage and receive degrees]

[Video: A graduate receives her diploma from the Chancellor and smiles]

[Video: The student commencement speaker addresses the crowd from the podium]

[Video: Streamers fall on the graduates]

[Video: Graphical map zooms into IUPUI]

[Video: Aerial of IUPUI campus]

[Video: A graduate high fives Jaws, the IUPUI mascot]

[Video: A male and female stand in front of a #raisetheflag backdrop and hold an IUPUI flag as they pose for a photo]

[Video: Graduates processing into Lucas Oil stadium]

[Video: A graduate stops and waves to the crowd]

[Words appear over a group of students pointing to the crowd: 7 campuses]

[Words appear under the commencement speaker Tamika Catchings: Over 20,000 degrees awarded]

[Video: The IU seal appears and..]

[Words appear: One IU]

[Video: The Indiana University trident appears]

[Words appear: Indiana University]

[Words appear: Fulfilling the promise]

[Words appear:]

[End of transcript]

In just over a week, Indiana University awarded more than 20,000 degrees, a record number. The new alumni left their campuses with their degrees and a mission.

In his commencement address, IU President Michael A. McRobbie offered the Class of 2017 his congratulations and encouraged them to “venerate the truth. Search for it. Defend it when it is challenged.”

The graduates who heard his charge were young and old, first-generation college students, children of IU alums, and some graduating with more than one IU degree.

Among them were an IU Bloomington student who found her passion in fashion design, a mother and daughter from IU Northwest who earned the same degree, an IU Kokomo graduate who completed her degree on time despite life-changing tragedies, a young woman from IU South Bend whose graduation meant achieving her dream of becoming a nurse, an aspiring dentist from Cuba who felt his accomplishments at IU Southeast honored the sacrifice of his parents, an IUPUI grad who discovered that education can break the cycle of poverty, and an IU East graduate who plans to use his nursing degree to help others in need.

They came from all across Indiana, the nation and the world, and they all became IU graduates.

Thanks to their time at IU, they are prepared to impact the future with what McRobbie described as a “broad education in a wide range of subjects that are central to understanding the human experience. It is an education that aspires to truth.”

McRobbie emphasized that society has a vital need for them to devise solutions to its grand challenges.

“Our society needs policymakers, scientists, public servants, business executives – the kind of leaders you will become – who have an understanding of the importance of truth,” he said.

As alumni, they will have the opportunity to take their knowledge of the truth and use it as they reach the goals their new degrees will help them achieve. McRobbie encouraged the new graduates to remember, as they reflect on their time at IU, the university’s commitment to truth.

“Remember the work at the heart of your alma mater: the search for truth and the dissemination of knowledge to generations of students – students like you – whose characters are molded by the values of this great institution,” McRobbie said.


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