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On two wheels: Indiana University supports staff, faculty who cycle to work

May 24, 2017

Description of the following video:

[Video: electronic piece of equipment attached to an abstract structure]

[Video: a bike bell] Voice of Chuck Carney: If you had told me 10 years ago I would have been doing this, I would have said no I can’t see that happening.

[Video: bike saddles being adjusted by hands on the back of a bike]

[Video: Chuck Carney talking]

[Words appear: Chuck Carney, Director of Communications and Marketing, SGIS]

Chuck speaks: and it’s partly because I’ve always been in a job where I wore a suit, I wore a tie and so I thought there’s no way I can do that.

[Video: bike brake light on the back of a bike]

[Video of Kevin Whited speaking]

[Words appear: Kevin Whited, IUB Transportation Demand Management Coordinator]

Kevin speaks: Not only are you helping out the environment you’re helping out your pocketbook you’re also helping out your physique; your heart and lungs.

[Video: hands putting fingerless riding gloves on]

[Video: Chuck riding on the side of the road zooming between green overgrowth and a chain link fence]

[Video: Kevin Whited talking]

Kevin speaks: One of the greatest things about riding your bike to work or anywhere it’s just the pleasure of it and there’s nothing better than the air blowing on you, you know you’re moving under your own power I don’t know what it is it puts you in a good mood maybe it has some link back to our childhood when we learn how to ride bicycles.

[Video: Profile of Chuck riding on the side of the road with buildings passing by behind him]

[Video: Chuck waiting at a crosswalk surrounded by greenery as cars pass by]

Chuck speaks: When you’re in an office all day and you’re inside a lot, you feel like you’ve been out in nature I mean out in the air and feeling what the weather is really like and it really it just makes you feel better.

[Video: Chuck pedaling]

[Video: Chuck turning around a corner and pedaling towards a traffic light]

[Video: Kevin Whited talking]

Kevin speaking: we support faculty and staff in a few ways one of the ways is we have actually bike parking all over campus-

[Video: Chuck riding with IU limestone buildings in the background]

[Video: Chuck riding by tennis courts]

Kevin speaking: - some buildings which were working on getting more, have showers facilities. We are working with the city of Bloomington to get more on road infrastructure such as bike lanes separated bike lanes.

[Video: Chuck rides in bike lane in a Bloomington neighborhood ]

Chuck speaks: you know you’ve noticed the ways that things have changed on campus

[Video: Chuck rides up the hill to the SGIS building and pulls into a bike rack ]

Chuck speaks: One way is they have literally marked what used to be a throughway of seventh Street as a bike path so there’s two sides and it’s clearly marked that makes a world of difference

[Video:] Chuck continues to lock up his bike and take off the saddle bags as he prepares to go into work.

Chuck speaks: find out if you want to do it. Find out if it’s something you can keep up. If you really enjoy it and if it is and I think it will be if you do it consistently, then commit to it

[Video: The Indiana University trident appears]

[Words appear: Indiana University]

[Words appear: Fulfilling the promise]

[End of transcript]

Meet Indiana University employee Chuck Carney, who regularly cycles to his office in the Global and International Studies Building from his home on the city of Bloomington’s southeast side. Carney said the university makes it easy for him to get his daily exercise in and make his two-wheeled commute. University bicycle manager Kevin Whited said IU supports cyclists in several ways, many of which are included in the university’s Transportation Demand Management Plan and Bicycle Master Plan.

Interested in cycling to work? Learn how to register your bike and buy a bike permit.

On campus and need to fix your bike? Bike repair kits are available at each of the five IU Bloomington parking garages.

Feeling dedicated? Join the Hoosier Commuter Club and receive benefits such as a free emergency ride home.

Not sure of the best route into the office? Check out the city of Bloomington/Monroe County bicycle map.


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