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Vast majority of recent IUPUI graduates report positive career outcomes, remain in Indiana

For Immediate Release May 12, 2017
IUPUI Campus Center in daytime
IUPUI Campus Center

INDIANAPOLIS – Students who graduate from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis land well-paying jobs and improve the economy of Indianapolis and the state, according to a recently released “first destination” survey of Class of 2016 graduates.

According to this first in-depth study of IUPUI graduates, compiled earlier this year, 89.9 percent of graduates reported a positive career outcome. This means that the vast majority of IUPUI graduates are either employed full- or part-time, have enrolled in graduate school, are serving in the military, or are participating in the Peace Corps or some other volunteer/service program, among other possible activities.

Sixty-five percent of those reporting full-time employment are working in the Indianapolis area, with 91.6 percent of employed graduates remaining in Indiana. The mean salary for a student graduating with a bachelor’s degree was $43,600.

“These numbers confirm that IUPUI is preparing the next generation of leaders by delivering a quality education that leads to a fulfilling career,” said Jay Gladden, IUPUI associate vice chancellor for undergraduate education and dean of University College. “There’s more to education at IUPUI than just what happens in the classroom, and our students are taking advantage of both on-campus opportunities and opportunities presented by our community.”

Of the 3,886 students who earned an IUPUI degree or certificate between July 1, 2015, and June 30, 2016, 2,124 (54.7 percent) responded to the survey – a large sample for this sort of reporting. The survey was based on the National Association of Colleges and Employers standards and protocols developed to standardize the collection of career-outcomes data. The IUPUI survey consisted of NACE standard questions and some campuswide questions on the relationship between major and career as well as internship experience.

“The data we’re collecting allows us to better understand our graduates’ career paths and the impact of an IUPUI degree,” said Matthew Rust, director of campus career and advising services in the IUPUI Division of Undergraduate Education.

The survey also showed that a majority of graduates leave IUPUI having extensive out-of-class experiences. Of students with known career outcomes, 64.1 percent completed at least one internship, co-op, practicum or other field experience, with 93.6 percent of students agreeing that their internship(s) complemented their degree and helped prepare them for future careers. Full-time job offers came directly from internships for 37.7 percent of students.

Another 27 percent of students with known career outcomes completed at least one student employment experience at IUPUI, which includes hourly jobs, work study, community work study or teaching assistant experiences.

Patrick Perry can vouch for the value of such experiences. The Class of 2016 graduate from the School of Physical Education and Tourism Management had an internship at the University of Indianapolis, working with the school’s athletes, and was an OTEAM orientation leader and mentor on campus. Perry is now a personal trainer in Anderson.

“By the time I came to my job and was put in front of clients, I had done it before,” said Perry, who was the first in his family to earn a college degree. “I had a lot of hands-on experience, and the activities on campus made me appreciate campus – I belonged to something more than just my academic school. Now, I’m doing what I love, which is helping people.”

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