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Michigan Street conversion project update

Jun 27, 2017
Map of phase two of construction in the area around West, Michigan, Blackford and New York Streets.
New construction in phase two of the Michigan Street conversion project includes closing the sidewalks on Michigan and West streets. Street work will also close the south half of Michigan between Blackford and West, while the north side of Michigan Street will remain open to travelers. Construction from a separate city project has also affected the turn lanes of New York Street onto West Street. Please take these items into consideration when coming to or leaving campus.Image by Vanessa Richards and Google Maps

From early July through early August, traffic patterns on Michigan Street will change between Blackford Street and West Street as part of phase two of the Michigan Street Conversion Project. Work will happen on the south side of Michigan Street; drivers and pedestrians will be routed to the north side. These changes are in addition to ongoing work affecting this area.

The pull-off to the Informatics and Communications Technology Complex building will be affected. The construction will start at the intersection of Michigan and West streets. On the south side of Michigan Street, the sidewalk will be closed between California and West streets.

The west side of the sidewalk on West Street will be closed from Michigan Street to New York Street. Indianapolis Power and Light will be adding some light poles to West Street. Vermont Street is expected to remain open, but traffic may be limited due to the surrounding work.

Other areas of campus affected by construction include:

  • The current closures on Michigan Street west of Blackford Street will remain as they are now through phase two.
  • Beauty Street is closed.
  • Northbound Lansing Street at Michigan Street is closed until early August.
  • The intersection at California and Michigan streets will remain closed for another week or two, due to unforeseen conditions.
  • The crosswalk at the School of Engineering and Technology will be closed for approximately three weeks.
  • The east crosswalk at Barnhill will be closed.
  • The right-turn lanes from New York Street onto West Street are currently closed as part of a separate project by the city, burying utilities. It is not expected to be complete until September.

Phase three of the project will take place from the beginning of August through Sept. 19. At that point, the traffic will flow entirely on the south side of Michigan Street; work will happen on the north side. Inside IUPUI will provide updates when that construction begins.

The project is on schedule and is expected to be completed in December 2017. Landscaping is planned for spring 2018.

Join the traffic listserv at for up-to-date information about traffic pattern changes. You can find instructions on joining the listserv online.

Please be careful and patient as you traverse campus this summer and fall. Stay tuned to Inside IUPUI for more information.

Image mockup of what Michigan will look like once the project is completed
The completed Michigan Street project, looking east from University Boulevard toward Blackford Street, will include a grassy median between eastbound and westbound traffic. It will also include a wide bicycle lane running the entire length of Michigan Street on campus. The project is on schedule and should be completed in December 2017.Illustration courtesy of Campus Facility Services


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Campus Communications Manager, Inside IUPUI Editor

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