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Eclipse 2017 scenes from Indiana University campuses

Aug 22, 2017

Aug. 21 was the first day of classes for Indiana University campuses, but it was also the first time in nearly a century that a total solar eclipse was visible from coast to coast. See how IU students, faculty and staff across the state celebrated and viewed the phenomenon.

A large crowd gathered at the amphitheater
President McRobbie and Laurie Burns McRobbie using their solar eclipse viewers
Photos by James Brosher and the IUPUI Center for Teaching and Learning
Two men look up at the sky
Two people take a selfie while viewing the eclipse
Photos courtesy of IU Northwest CISTL, IU Kokomo and IU South Bend
Employees at IUPUC sit and view the eclipse
Girl looking up at the sky with solar viewing glasses
Photos by IU Southeast, IU East Chancellor Kathryn Cruz-Uribe and IUPUC

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