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Video: Indiana University’s seven campuses rule the Hoosier realm

Aug 29, 2017

Description of the following video:

[Music: A driving, percussive score similar to the “Game of Thrones opening theme”]

[Video: Animations of Indiana University’s seven campuses sprouting up like the seven kingdoms in the “Game of Thrones” opening sequence]

[Words appear: Founded – 1820]

[Words appear: Campuses across Indiana]

[Words appear: IU Bloomington]

[Words appear: Top-ranked public university]

[Words appear: 114,000 students; IUPUI]

[Words appear: 8,700 international students]

[Words appear: IU online; IU East]

[Words appear: IU Kokomo]

[Words appear: 20,000 employees; IU South Bend]

[Words appear: 650,000 living alumni]

[Words appear: 20,000 degrees awarded (2016)]

[Words appear: IU Southeast]

[Words appear: IU Fulfilling the Promise]

[End of transcript]

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