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Bicentennial class of 2020: Year two

Sep 25, 2017

Check out the latest installment in the Indiana University Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President’s IU 2020 Series.

The documentary project follows 12 students from the IU Bloomington bicentennial class of 2020 on their four-year journey as they strive to find their place on campus and grow as individuals. The students come to Bloomington from all over the country – from Indianapolis to India to Australia. The group includes scholars, artists, athletes, musicians, activists and thespians all pursuing various educational paths across campus. 

See what these students are up to in their sophomore year. 

Description of the following video:


[Words appear: A four-year journey through life at Indiana University]

Yash speaks: I knew that the four years ahead of me would be really tough. But also, I knew that I would have to make the most out of it to be something in life. The way I treat my friends on the floor, the bond which we created last semester – that bond is just growing each semester and each day that passes.

Emily speaks: Every time I come out of the studio after a lesson you are like, “I think the world has changed slightly for me!” It is quite scary that already nearly a year has been and I’m not quite sure how quickly the whole four years are going to go if this is how fast the first went.

Broderick speaks: Well, I’ve only been here for three months now and I have already grown a lot. I have this new kind of confidence that I never saw in myself in high school, so I hold myself better and to a higher standard. It’s really interesting. I didn’t expect that.

Grace speaks: The first semester in college is really fast-paced. You get to know so many people every day. You learn something new every single day. After coming to IU, there was just one day walking to my classes – I looked around and realized this is the place I am supposed to be. I don’t want to be anywhere else except IU. That’s the moment I realized, this is the right place.

[Words appear: Meet the class of 2020]

[End of transcript]

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