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Pride of Indiana: Thank-you messages to and from IU employees

Nov 8, 2017

Pride of Indiana is a regular feature in Inside IU that allows IU faculty and staff to recognize their colleagues for IU-related work they’ve done that goes above and beyond their job duties or responsibilities.

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Thank you to the following IU employees:

IU Bloomington

Janet Tapp, of Residential Programs and Services, whose nominator wrote: “As manager of payroll at Residential Programs and Services, Janet Lea Tapp is responsible for the payroll of several thousand employees. She guides and supports her staff to do their best and also cares for their well-being on the job and when they are off on medical leave. She is a very competent and compassionate person.”

Judi Roberts, of the Department of Chemistry, whose nominator wrote: “Thank you so much, Judi, for giving such a warm welcome to me as a new employee of the chemistry department. It is so appreciated!”


Lauryn Andrews, of the School of Liberal Arts, whose nominator wrote: “What a bright addition to our School of Liberal Arts team Lauryn is! Thank you for jumping into the frying pan and helping out whenever and wherever possible. Lauryn has taken on tasks outside of her job description and goes above and beyond expectations every day. Keep up the fantastic work. We greatly appreciate it.”

Taylor Calhoun, of the Fairbanks School of Public Health Office of Student Services, whose nominator wrote: “Taylor Calhoun is a pleasure to work with every day. Her happiness is contagious! She comes to work smiling, willingly goes the extra mile to help others and is still smiling when she leaves work at the end of the day. Faculty, staff and students appreciate her work ethic and attention to detail. Her calm demeanor and friendly disposition spread joy to those around her. We feel fortunate to have her as our friend and co-worker.”

IU East

Christopher Carter, of the School of Education, whose nominator wrote: “Without Chris’ dedication, perseverance and work ethic, the IU East School of Education would not have been able to become established as a testing site where our teacher candidates can complete their licensure exams required by the state. Chris was there to help us problem solve and overcome IT challenges at every step. His patience and ability to explain to non-tech types is gratefully appreciated!”

IU Kokomo

Lory Tulley, of the Office of Student Success and Advising, whose nominator wrote: “When she learned of a student who was facing some challenges, Lory went out of her way to help. She walked him to the Career and Accessibility Center, Office of Financial Aid, the Food Pantry, UITS and the library to address various issues and then helped him request assistance from the Student in Crisis Fund. This wonderful example of “care in action” makes Lory a model for all of us to emulate.”

IU School of Medicine

Sarah Lang, of Medical Student Education, whose nominator wrote: “I’d like to thank Sarah for all of her efforts to ensure that the Medical Student Education’s curricular operations team is providing top-level service all the time and especially as we seek to fill two key positions. She leads by example, stepping in to help our team in any way she can. She treats those under her leadership with respect and as equals, valuing both their efforts and insights. Her leadership is inspiring and a true testament to the amazing, high-quality expectations we should all strive towards.”

Holly Vonderheit, of the Office of Strategic Communications, whose nominator wrote: “Words can’t describe how much I’ve appreciated Holly’s guidance as I navigate my first year working at IU School of Medicine. Even though she is incredibly busy, Holly always makes time to think through projects and strategies with me and/or our entire communications team. I’ll miss her positivity and leadership as she transitions to another role at IU, but I’m grateful to have learned so much from her already. Thank you, Holly!”

IU Southeast

Rebekah Dement Farmer, of the Honors Program, whose nominator said: “Dr. Dement Farmer serves our students unstintingly and well, with a fine sense of humor and unfailing purpose. She’s well-prepared, kind, thoughtful and a tremendously gracious colleague to have. Students respect and admire her, and she does a fine job of modeling a contemplative and thoughtful approach to the world while simultaneously engaging with life.”

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