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Pride of Indiana: Thank-you messages to and from IU employees

Dec 6, 2017

Pride of Indiana is a regular feature in Inside IU that allows IU faculty and staff to recognize their colleagues for IU-related work they’ve done that goes above and beyond their job duties or responsibilities.

Submit a Pride of Indiana shout-out for a colleague who makes a difference in your department.

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Thank you to the following IU employees:

IU Bloomington

Tim Keller, of IU Communications, whose nominator wrote: “No one can go anywhere on campus without seeing something that Tim Keller has helped to visually change, from our office design to the brochures sitting on shelves on the farthest regional campuses. Tim has worked diligently for years to push core branding principles throughout Indiana University. He believes in trusting in his team without employing micromanagement tactics, which translates to a well-oiled machine that churns out some of the best design work in the state, of any university, at high volume. He has completely dedicated himself to this job, and I believe he deserves recognition for it.”

Vickie Anderson, of Radio and Television Services, whose nominator wrote: “Vickie handles billing, business office issues and student workers (among other things) for WFIU and WTIU. She does it all with good humor and attention to detail, so everyone enjoys working with her. Having the years of experience that she does, she is able to translate university rules and regulations to people hearing them for the first time. Vickie is a great representative for what we do, and we appreciate the hard work, dependability and attention to detail. We are lucky to have her here.”


Sue Merrell, of the Department of Biology, whose nominator wrote: “Sue performs her job in a way that makes my job easier. She is always looking out for what I may need to take care of now and in the future. She recently found an error in one of my grant awards. She let me know of the error and asked me to contact others so we could take care of the error now instead of later when it might be harder. Her ‘heads up’ to me helped to resolve the problem now. I am very grateful for Sue and for the way she helps my research progress smoothly. She is simply the BEST!”

Mary Beth Ryan, of the Fairbanks School of Public Health Department of Health Policy and Management, whose nominator wrote: “Mary Beth does an excellent job of helping to organize our department. She is especially great at scheduling and welcoming potential new staff and faculty. She does the arranging for their transportation, housing, meals and appointments while they are visiting our department, school, campus and Indianapolis. This has contributed to recruiting some excellent faculty and staff in the past two years. Several potential faculty have mentioned how well their visit goes due to Mary Beth’s attention to details and welcoming smile.”

Tasha Gilson, of the School of Science, whose nominator wrote: “Tasha has been extremely helpful in developing grant budgets and setting up post-award accounts after a grant was awarded. Tasha went out of her way to help a me and a colleague develop a budget for a grant submission and was very patient with us as we changed the budget to reflect changes in our grant aims. She also set up the budget for a recently received award that had a significant correction from the National Institutes of Health. When I thought that there might have been an error in some of the ways that the budget was allocated, she took the time to make sure changes were made and it was correct. I really appreciate the excellent work that Tasha performs.”

IU East

Ashlee Brown, of the School of Education, whose nominator wrote: “I’d like to thank Ashlee Brown, administrative specialist, for her work in making the IU East Teacher Education Program Induction Ceremony a complete success year after year. Her attention to detail and willingness to serve are an amazing example for all of us. She leads the team with her organization and positive attitude. The excitement and pride shown by IU East teacher candidates and their families and friends makes this an evening to remember!”

IU Kokomo

Angela Smith, of the Office of Institutional Research, whose nominator wrote: “Angela is a true collaborator in every sense of the word. We serve different campuses, but our goals, projects and needs intersect. That is where Angela takes the time to come up with a solution to meet the needs of all regional campuses. She is so bright and laser-focused. It has been a pleasure to serve with her and I look forward to continued, cross-campus and cross-system collaboration. Thank you, Angela.”

IU Northwest

Brenda Jenkins, of the School of Nursing, whose nominator wrote: “Brenda works hard to see that the School of Nursing runs smoothly. She is the balance when things are hectic and the calm when multiple activities need to be accomplished. I appreciate her consistency and her willingness to help, especially when I seem overwhelmed. The School of Nursing faculty, staff and students depend on her skill, talents and work ethic. It is a pleasure working with Brenda. I just want to say thank you.”

IU School of Medicine

Belinda Sanborn, of the Department of Anesthesia, whose nominator wrote: “A heartfelt thank you to Belinda Sanborn, who helped make the transition to MedHub in the Office of Undergraduate Medical Education a reality. MedHub is a web-based application designed to house, document, track and monitor institutional requirements and educational experiences for students. Belinda’s willingness to help and to go above and beyond with training sessions, one-on-one consultations and conference calls has been amazing. She has shared her experiences, both good and bad, while at the same time listening and incorporating others’ ideas into making the product even better. I have never seen someone so willing to help others and so willing to help the IU School of Medicine succeed in its endeavor to bring the Office of Graduate Medical Education and Office of Undergraduate Medical Education together into a single platform. She is truly an inspiration.”

Linda Robinson, of the Department of Medical and Molecular Genetics, whose nominator wrote: “Linda is the assistant to the chair for our department. Her work life can best be described as hectic. Despite that, she always is eager to help if she can. She works with a lot of our recruits and visitors, and I can’t think of a better person to be our first point of contact. She is always welcoming and helpful. She has a great attitude and always gives 110 percent. I’m thankful and proud to work with her.”

IU South Bend

Rachel Kimble, of Housing and Residential Life, whose nominator wrote: “Rachel is a new member of our staff in her position as residence coordinator. She has jumped in and hit the ground running! She is a welcome positive influence on our staff team, and the students have enjoyed getting to know her and connecting with her. I appreciate so much her willingness to put herself out there, try new things and go into situations that are out of her comfort zone. (One such adventure involved helping residence assistants look for a garter snake that had crawled into an apartment in housing.) We are lucky to have Rachel as part of our campus family!”

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