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Pride of Indiana: Thank-you messages to and from IU employees

Apr 25, 2018
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IU Bloomington

Cheri Reinhardt, of the Office of Admissions, whose nominator wrote: “I’d like to thank Cheri for all the work she has put in to help keep the Office of Admissions running from behind the scenes. Without her hard work, dedication, attention to detail and ability to think about every scenario, we wouldn’t have been able to get our admit letters and emails out on time.”

James Manges, of the Office of Admissions, whose nominator wrote: “I’d like to thank James for all of his hard-work and for always having a positive attitude throughout a very stressful project. In an incredibly short time frame we successfully implemented a new customer relationship management for our office, and this would not have been possible without him.”

Deb Kremer, of the Office of the Provost, whose nominator wrote: “Deb is the epitome of a great IU staff member. She is organized, diligent and hardworking, and she represents her office with grace and cheerfulness. She is highly ethical and cares deeply about the mission of IU, her family and her community. She is an inspiration!”

Stevie Deckard, of IU Athletics, whose nominator wrote: “Stevie represents IU with exceptional pride. As part of a new coaching staff in IU Athletics, there has been a lot to learn. Stevie has been a tremendous asset to new employees in the department. She is a wealth of knowledge, extremely organized and task oriented; she delivers and completes task within the same day. She is an outstanding employee, and her efforts should be recognized! I am so grateful for her as she has made my transition to Indiana University much easier.”

Sarah Goddard-Martin, of Business Horizons in the Kelley School of Business, whose nominator wrote: “Big shouts to Sarah Goddard-Martin for her contributions to the success of Business Horizons! Sarah not only does excellent work but also is a great person to work with. She has a positive attitude and is capable of being both a team player and a leader. Business Horizons, the Kelley School of Business and Indiana University are very lucky to have her. You are appreciated, Sarah!”

William E. Smith III, of the College of Arts and Sciences, whose nominator wrote: “I’d like to publicly thank William “Will” E. Smith III for his ardent leadership service as the Bloomington Academic Advising Council president. The council’s mission is to promote professional undergraduate academic advising at Indiana University Bloomington. Will served as president since May 2014 and will be finishing his term May 14. The academic advising community has benefited from his tenure. The Bloomington Academic Advising Council was expertly managed, professional development certification increased, and the recent BAAC Spring Conference was a tremendous success featuring keynote speaker Dr. Jennifer L. Bloom. Thank you for leading our monthly Bloomington Academic Advising Council Steering Committee discussions and making them enjoyable!”

Adria Boruff, of RPS/Physical Plant Eigenmann Hall, whose nominator wrote: “Adria is such a pleasant, thorough and hard-working individual. She takes great pride in her work, going above and beyond consistently to complete her tasks. We, on the 21st Century Scholars sixth-floor wing, appreciate her efforts so very much and want to make sure she knows! Thank you, Adria!”


Sheri Mundy, of Radiology and Imaging Sciences, whose nominator wrote: “Sheri is simply an outstanding colleague. Despite her busy schedule managing all our grants, she always has personal time for every one of us. She is very thorough and organized and responds even on her vacation days. To go with this, she has a very cheerful personality, which makes our interactions so much more enjoyable. She truly is the very best and I, on behalf of all colleagues in my department, would like to thank her and nominate her for the ‘Pride of Indiana’ recognition!”

Tricia O’Neil, of the School of Liberal Arts, whose nominator wrote: “Tricia O’Neil, associate director of donor and volunteer engagement in the School of Liberal Arts, coordinated the Taylor Symposium, an IUPUI signature event hosting nearly 500 people. The event included everything from speaker arrangements, invitations and responses, sponsorships, technology set-up, luncheon details, event program and so much more. Tricia worked countless hours to make sure everyone had an enjoyable experience. She always goes above and beyond her duties, which was truly exemplified in this case, as none of this falls under her job description. She is remarkable and a huge asset to the School of Liberal Arts and IUPUI.”

IU South Bend

Andrea Campoli, of the Graduate Medical Education office, whose nominator wrote: “I would like to recognize Andrea Campoli from the Graduate Medical Education Office. No matter the issue that may arise in MedHub, Andrea resolves the problems with a positive and helpful attitude. Andrea makes a positive difference in the work that we all do across the Medical School and she is truly a blessing to have here.”

IU Southeast

Greg Roberts, of Arts and Letters, whose nominator wrote: “Greg has a willingness to help others in every aspect of his position, and he does it with a smile. Whether it is a helping a student create the perfect schedule or redesigning a degree map for better understanding of a degree plan, Greg helps others … a lot. We are so very fortunate to have him as a part of the IU community.”

Rosezona Bowden, of Institute for Learning and Teaching Excellence, whose nominator wrote: “Rosie: You are the best! What would we do without you? How would we keep track of ourselves and all the many details that you attend to on our behalf every day? Thank you very much for your work, which is greatly valued.”

Robin Morgan, of Institute for Learning and Teaching Excellence, whose nominator wrote: “Thank you for staffing this office with an exceptional group. Very smart choices. I also appreciate all that I’m learning in this position. Additionally, I value your expertise and commitment to quality, which shows in all that we do here at the ILTE. Plus: Doughnuts and staff lunches! What a fun, excellent, mission-driven place to do great work!”

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