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The business of being a Jag just got simpler with Student Central

Aug 15, 2018
Students work on a computer in a lecture hall.
There’s no need to bounce around to take care of business. Register for classes, find financial aid, even calculate your GPA – all at the new Student Central website.Photo by Liz Kaye, Indiana University

You’re officially an IUPUI Jaguar! Before you get to work and start enjoying campus life, you probably have a bit of business to attend to. Maybe you have to register for classes, apply for financial aid or pay a bill. Maybe you have to do all three. The good news is that you can now find out how to do all that in one spot.

Introducing Student Central, the new website that combines the registrar, financial services, scholarships and bursar all in one convenient online location. And here’s a bonus: No more sifting through info for faculty and staff to find what you need. This site is just for you.

So what can you do?

  • Fund your education: Apply for or manage your financial aid, check out scholarship and grant opportunities, and get more information on loans and work-study.
  • Register: Review your course options and find out how to register for classes, change your schedule, add or drop courses, or learn about holds and other problems you might encounter registering.
  • Pay your bill: Find payment options and due dates, authorize IUPUI to use your financial aid, get tax information (fun!), or learn about tuition disputes.
  • Grades and records: See your grades, calculate your GPA, check your degree progress, order an official transcript or find everything you need to know about graduating (fun, for real this time!).
  • Personal info: Learn how to update your name, address, phone number or gender. You can also control who has access to your information, find out about required immunizations and more.

What’s new that didn’t exist on the previous sites?

  • Updated search functions to register for classes: You can now find classes by department, day of the week, number of credit hours, general education requirement, or term or session. You can also select if you’re looking for an online or in-person class.
  • Convenient calendars: Need to know what the add/drop deadline is? Or when final exams are? The new official calendar combines dates from the registrar, financial aid, bursar and scholarship offices. You can even use filters to key in on exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Calculators galore: Now you can estimate tuition costs as well as calculate your GPA. If you’re wondering what a certain grade would do to your GPA, we can help.
  • Mobile-friendly: We did our research, and one of the results was a site that is totally accessible on your phone.

Welcome again to IUPUI, where the business of being a student just got easier.


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Becky Hart

Communications Specialist/Content Strategist, IUPUI

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