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IUPUI’s continued commitment to pedestrian, cyclist and driver safety

Aug 22, 2018
Three people walk across a crosswalk
IUPUI benefits from its downtown location in more ways than one. While its busyness creates endless opportunities, it also requires us to be vigilant, whether we’re traveling on foot, by bike or in our cars.Photo by Eric Rudd, Indiana University

One of the beautiful things about IUPUI is its location. Activity abounds on campus and in the city that surrounds us. Sporting events, cultural exhibitions, musical performances, academic pursuits, medical care and professional connections all help to make IUPUI the exciting place that it is. That means our roads are also packed with activity. We’re committed to keeping you safe on this busy campus and these busy streets.

By the numbers

Continuing the efforts begun last year to improve safe usage of our streets, IUPUI has launched a pedestrian/cyclist safety and driver education campaign.

We want safety to be at the top of your mind, at least when you’re not in class. There are lots of ways to help get you to your destination trouble-free:

  • Website: You’ll find important tips for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. Safety is everyone’s responsibility. The resources at this site will help you do your part, whether you’re traveling on foot, by bike or in your car.
  • Gerbil tubes: With large banners on the skywalks over New York and Michigan streets, drivers are encouraged to slow down and remain aware of their surroundings as they pass through our campus.
  • Coffee sleeves: Does coffee help keep you on your toes? These sleeves, found on all hot beverages served at Chartwells locations on campus during certain months, will remind you to stay alert, too. Sip safely.
  • Garage gate decals: We know people are often super-focused on getting to their destination, and that can be distracting when entering and exiting parking garages. Decals on the gates will help remind drivers to watch for pedestrians and cyclists when they’re on the move.
White sign that reads,
Signs of all kinds on campus will remind everyone – students, faculty, staff and visitors – of some important traffic tips to help keep them safe.Artwork provided by IU Communications

You’re bound to see the campaign on buttons and stickers, social media, door hangers if you live in a residence hall and digital signage across campus regardless. There are also flyers to include visitors – and with thousands of prospective students checking out IUPUI every year, there are a lot of them – in our efforts to keep everyone safe on our busy streets.

All in for safety

Safety is a partnership – a two-way street, if you will. Learn more at For concerns or to report an incident, contact the IU Police Department-IUPUI at 317-274-7911.

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