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Pride of Indiana: Thank-you messages to and from IU employees

Sep 12, 2018

Pride of Indiana is a regular feature in Inside IU that allows IU faculty and staff to recognize their colleagues for IU-related work they’ve done that goes above and beyond their job duties or responsibilities.

Submit a Pride of Indiana shoutout for a colleague who makes a difference in your department.

Thank you to the following IU employees:

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IU Bloomington

Lilian Yahng, of the Center for Survey Research, whose nominator wrote: “I am truly grateful for Lilian’s willingness to take on anything I ask for her help with. She is a lifesaver for me. Going above and beyond, she always thinks how we can do our work and better serve campus to most effectively meet our mission and goals. She pushes us all to be better, and that is a gift to not only our center and team but also makes an important impact at IU too. Thanks, Lilian!”

Joe Wilkerson, of the Center for Survey Research, whose nominator wrote: “Joe’s willingness to do whatever it takes to move the center forward in challenging and new directions is awesome! I really appreciate the breadth of technical skills he brings and the leadership he has shown recently on high-stakes projects and proposals. It is a privilege to work with Joe and have him continue to help expand the contributions that we provide to campus. Thank you, Joe!”


Eric Sickels, of the Division of Undergraduate Education, whose nominator wrote: “Thank you to Eric Sickels for all of his help on our faculty communication audit. Without his input, it would have been impossible for the project to have been as comprehensive as it was. He stepped up and helped in a somewhat tedious task that was a key and super important step in the scope of the larger project. He is always willing to help out when needed and always has a great attitude about everything. Eric was truly a lifesaver on this project!”

Zoe Owens, of Alumni Relations, whose nominator wrote: “A big shoutout to Zoe Owens, who is new to the IUPUI family but is taking on the challenge of organizing this year’s Regatta. Zoe was handed a monumental task of making a signature event even more special for the 10th anniversary of Regatta AND the 50th anniversary of IUPUI, and she is doing it so well! She’s making her presence known on campus with fresh eyes and a great attitude. Welcome to the IU family, Zoe!”

IU Kokomo

Mark Canada, vice chancellor for academic affairs, whose nominator wrote: “Vice Chancellor Canada’s commitment to IU Kokomo is unparalleled. From his work in establishing and running the KEY program, to his support for faculty and staff, to his inclusive spirit and enthusiasm for countless ideas that come his way, he is instrumental in making the IU Kokomo culture what it is.”

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