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IUPUI Works Indy: The Indianapolis Zoo’s Alli Donovan interns in the wild world of event management

Sep 12, 2018

Description of the following video:

Alli Donovan Speaks: My name is Alli Donovan, I am originally from Vincennes Indiana. I just recently graduated in May from the Kelley School of Business at IUPUI, with a degree in marketing. And right now, I’m doing a postgrad internship for the summer at the Indianapolis Zoo, as a marketing and events intern.

[Video, various shots: Alli Donovan appears on camera walking across a parking lot with cars behind her and the downtown Indianapolis skyline in the background; Donovan is seen walking next to a step garden; Donovan is seen walking next to a building; Donovan is seen opening a door to a building; Donovan is seen walking across screen and scanning her ID card; Donovan appears on camera sitting in front of red backdrop]

[Words appear next to the IU trident and ‘IUPUI’: Alli Donovan; Kelley School of Business Graduate]

Donovan speaks: The majority of the internship has been working with planning, implementing and then executing the summer concert series.

[Video: Donovan appears on camera walking into office; Donovan sits in a chair at a desk; Donovan looks ahead at monitor screen while typing; Donovan is shown pulling out notepad]

Donovan speaks: I went through school being a marketing major, and then decided my last year of school that I was interested in event management as well.

[Video: A hand is shown writing on paper with a blue pen; Donovan is shown writing; a hand is shown writing on paper with a blue pen; Donovan picks up telephone to speak; Donovan picks up walkie-talkie to speak; Hands are shown typing; Donovan is shown looking at computer monitor; Donovan is shown laughing]

Donovan speaks: This internship has allowed me to see that I can pull off an event, and that I enjoy it too.

[Video, various shots: Donovan is shown walking with trees and an event stand in background; Donovan is shown walking with “Forests” sign in background; Donovan appears at table with co-worker arranging items on table]

Donovan speaks: I love being in Indy. Living here and staying here, I believe it’s just that much easier to receive these internships and these full-time jobs.

[Video, various shots: Donovan is shown tending to the guests at a table; A guest is shown putting paper into raffle drum; Donovan receives papers from two guest and places them intro raffle drum

Donovan speaks: Coming from Vincennes, I was one of those people who was super-nervous to go to college. When I got here, it took me a little longer than probably the normal freshman to go out and get involved.

[Video: Donovan arranges items on table; Donovan is shown smiling while standing behind table; Donovan receives a paper from a guest and places it into a raffle drum; Donovan receives a paper from a guest; Donovan closes the door of the raffle drum; Donovan spins and then opens the raffle drum]

Donovan speaks: I recommend anybody – you know, if you find some organizations or anything that you’re passionate about, pursue it and find those internships and build those connections, and it’ll work out in your favor.

[Video: Donovan and co-worker are shown standing behind table as guests approach them; Donovan appears on camera sitting in front of red backdrop; Donovan receives paper from guest to place into raffle drum; Donovan is shown walking in profile shot with trees in background; Donovan is shown from behind walking down sidewalk; screen fades to white]

[Words appear: IUPUI WORKS INDY]

[Image appear: Red colored silhouette of Indianapolis skyline in portrait format]

[Screen changes to black]

[Words appear: IUPUI]

[Words appear: Fulfilling the promise]

[Words appear:]


Alli Donovan poses for a picture in front of the orangutan exhibit at the Indianapolis Zoo

You know internships provide great experience. You also know that Indianapolis provides great opportunities. Put them together, and you have a dynamite combo that prepares you for a lifetime of success.

In the first episode of our new video series, see how Kelley School of Business graduate Alli Donovan is using her internship at the Indianapolis Zoo to prove she has what it takes to make it in event management and marketing.

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