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Put extra credit in your pocket

Sep 26, 2018
Piggy bank with an 'm' painted on the side.
Managing your money doesn’t have to be hard thanks to tips, workshops and other resources available at IUPUI.Photo by James Brosher, Indiana University

Money might not buy happiness, but a lack of it sure can make you unhappy sometimes. Use some of our resources to help improve your money-management skills. Your wallet, and stress level, will thank you.

Did you know there’s an entire office dedicated to helping you with your financial situation? We don’t mean the Office of Financial Services, although they’re pretty helpful, too. IU MoneySmarts offers dozens of articles and podcasts on all things money-related. Among them, you’ll find tips like these:

  • Budget 25 percent of your income for your rent or mortgage. Another 15 percent should go toward transportation. Find out how you can put your money in the right places – how much to spend on groceries, clothing and your phone, for example – from MoneySmarts’ All About Budgeting.
  • It sounds counterintuitive, but working more hours may actually cause you to spend more on your education, and that may lead to more of the dreaded college debt. Learning work-life balance now can help you save money and sanity.
  • Cooking for yourself is time-consuming, but eating out is expensive. Whether you have roommates or simply invite friends over, share the time and financial costs by making meal prep a communal activity.
  • Yes, some people’s love language is receiving gifts. But step No. 1 to healthy relationship and financial statuses is separating love and money. You can still have a real date night on a budget.

IUPUI also hosts financial workshops throughout the year. Get started with these upcoming events:

Sept. 27: Understanding Credit

11:30 a.m.-1 p.m., University Library 1116

This free workshop, offered by the Indianapolis Neighborhood Housing Partnership, covers the importance of credit, understanding a credit report and tips to improve your credit score. An RSVP is requested but not required.

Oct. 3: Get MoneySmart

1:30-2:30 p.m., Campus Center 305

Looking for more about credit? If you’ve ever asked yourself what it is and how you can build it, you’ll want to join Janessa Siegel from IU MoneySmarts for an interactive presentation about budgets, credit and how to save for big purchases. This workshop is part of the Sophomore Experiences Program sponsored by Educational Partnerships and Student Success. Free food will be provided. That’s a lot of bang for no buck.

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