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A new home for Homecoming

Oct 16, 2018

Description of the following video:

[Words appear: Indiana University presents]

[Video: A construction foreman, wearing a hard hat, is walking up the steps of a home that is under construction, raised off of the ground on beams and pallets.]

[Video: A view of the back of the Habitat for Humanity home that is under construction. It is one-story, and the color is gray. The back of the house has five windows.]

Wendi Goodlett speaks: At Habitat for Humanity, our vision has always been that everyone deserves a decent place to live. So we partner with families here in Monroe County who have that need for housing.

[Video: A close-up of the house’s front porch and the stairs that lead up to it. A ladder is leaning on the porch.]

[Video: A close-up of a truck that has the “Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County” logo on it. The logo is on the door. The truck is white.]

[Video: Wendi Goodlett, CEO and president of Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County, appears on camera.]

[Words appear: Wendi Goodlett, CEO and president, Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County]

Goodlett speaks: Our partnership with the Kelley School came about through the Whirlpool Corporation. Whirlpool has been a tremendous supporter of Habitat throughout the United States and North America. They have a couple of really key people who are Kelley alumni.

[Video: A Kelley student helps two volunteers cut a piece of wood. They are outside using a power saw.]

Goodlett speaks in voiceover: So, in 2010, they decided that they would like to partner with the Kelley School and Habitat here in Monroe County to build a home.

Goodlett appears on camera: And so, we build it on campus and then we move the home to its permanent location.

[Video: Two people cutting wood with a power saw in the yard outside of the house, behind a large Habitat trailer. A close-up of a power saw in use. A volunteer watches closely. Kelley student Morgan Jenkins walks up to the workers, holding a folder. The camera pans down the side of the trailer, showing the logo, and the workers are just past the end of it. The truck is white, and the logo is blue and green.]

Goodlett speaks in a voiceover: It’s a great opportunity for the students to come out and give back to the community and see what it’s like for a corporation to emphasize that giving back is important, and Whirlpool demonstrates that very well with the amount of work that they do with us.

[Video: A construction foreman picks up a piece of wood that has just been cut. He is outside and is about to take it in to the house that is under construction.]

[Video: Two construction foremen, both wearing hard hats, walk up the front stairs that lead to the front door of the home that is under construction.]

[Video: Morgan Jenkins, a Kelley School of Business senior, appears on camera.]

[Words appear: Morgan Jenkins, Kelley School of Business senior]

Jenkins speaks: I love Habitat. I’ve worked with Habitat through other builds. It’s a really cool organization, and I love that Kelley and IU are working to support our communities and showing students that this is a priority for them.

[Video: A view inside the house from the front door. The frame of the door can be seen. Inside, there are many people working inside to finish the home. A woman hammers nails into cabinets on a wall, in what will be the kitchen of the new home. A woman cuts a piece of wood, using a power saw, inside the home.]

Goodlett speaks in a voiceover: All of our partner families have to meet three basic criteria. They have to have a need for housing, which means that the house they are living in is somehow substandard. Our families also have to have an ability to pay, so all of our partner families pay back an interest-free mortgage. A man puts molding around the entrance to what will be a closet, inside the home.]

[Video: Goodlett appears on camera, outside of the house.]

Goodlett speaks: The third criteria is a willingness to partner. So, every adult in the household has to put in 250 hours of sweat equity … building their home, building other people’s homes, taking classes … so it’s really a tremendous amount of time that they have to put in.

[Video: An exterior view of the home. A construction foreman is on the front patio working.]

[Video: A close-up of a sign that reads “At Habitat, we build strength, stability, self-reliance and shelter. The only thing we give away is an opportunity.” Three logos are on the bottom of the sign: Whirlpool Corporation, Kelley School of Business and Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County.]

[Video: Stefanie Rose, the person accepting the Habitat for Humanity house, appears on camera, in the yard outside the house]

[Words appear: Stefanie Rose, Homeowner]

Rose speaks: So many people that are so willing to donate their time, when they could be doing anything else, the fact that they come out to show support for my family … this process wouldn’t happen without them and without the generosity of Whirlpool and so many amazing people from Kelley to come out, this is something that I would not be able to provide for my kids without all of those people. So I just wanted to say from the bottom of my heart, I really appreciate everybody’s time, and their effort, and they have treated my home as if it was theirs … and so thank you, very much.

[Video: A man wearing a Kelley School of Business T-shirt walks through the home as it is under construction, carrying a piece of molding and seeing people using a nail gun in an upcoming doorway.]

Goodlett speaks: It’s very coincidental that this year’s Habitat dedication happens on Homecoming…

[Video: Goodlett appears on camera.]

Goodlett speaks: … but it’s a beautiful story …

[Video: A construction foreman walks up the stairs into the home, holding a long piece of molding.]

Goodlett speaks: … because this is a homecoming – a new homecoming for Stefanie and her two children …

[Video: A close-up of a real estate-type sign in the yard that reads “SOLD! Please join us in celebrating the Rose Home Dedication Saturday October 13, 9:30 a.m., Everyone is welcome! with “The Rose family’s home was sponsored by” and the Whirlpool and Kelley logos at the bottom. The sign is white with green, blue, and black type, emulating the Habitat logo.]

Goodlett speaks: … and it’s just a beautiful way to tie the day into IU’s Homecoming.


[IU trident appears]

[Words appear: Indiana University]

[Words appear: Fulfilling the promise]

[Words appear:]


The Rose family will never forget Indiana University Homecoming 2018, because for them, it had an entirely different meaning than football.

Thanks to Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County, the Kelley School of Business and the Whirlpool Corp., the Rose family accepted keys to their new home this past weekend during a dedication that celebrated the end of a 10-day Habitat build.

More than 300 students from 15 campus organizations volunteered for the build, along with faculty, administrators and alumni.

The house, which was built on the corner of 17th Street and Fee Lane, near the stadium, was moved Sunday to its permanent location on Eighth Street.

Learn more about the project and the Habitat build by watching the video above.

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