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Swim to win

Oct 17, 2018

Description of the following video:

[Video: IUPUI swimmer Olivia Treski takes form on the starting block at the Indiana University Natatorium. She dives into the pool and starts to swim down the lane. Others are in the pool doing laps. A lifeguard sits atop the pool, keeping an eye on the safety of all the swimmers.]

[Words appear: IUPUI presents]

Treski speaks in voiceover: My favorite part about swimming is probably being able to push myself past limits that I think that I can.

[Video: IUPUI swimmer Olivia Treski appears on camera. She is standing in front of the pool at the IU Natatorium.]

[Words appear: Olivia Treski, IUPUI swimmer]

Treski speaks: If I’m in the middle of a hard set or a race, and I can feel my heart racing, and me just getting out of breath, and every muscle burning, being able to push past that point …

[Video: Treski walks on the deck of the IU Natatorium holding a bucket. She is wearing a one-piece black swimming suit, a swim cap that has “JAGS” on it and goggles on top of her head. Treski uses the bucket to pour water into another container, which becomes a weighted water bucket that she will use while she swims. The weighted water bucket is connected by wires to wristlets that Treski attaches to her arms while she swims. The farther she swims, the higher the weighted water bucket is lifted off the ground.]

Treski speaks: … and touching the wall first, and maybe breaking a record or cutting time, it’s a very rewarding experience, and it’s an adrenaline rush.

[Video: Treski swims laps in the pool, the breaststroke, while wearing water fins.]

[Video: Closeups of the red-and-white pennant string that spans the width of the pool. The pennants are triangular and have the Natatorium’s logo on them; they alternate between red and white. A panning shot of the Natatorium name on the wall of the facility. The pool can be seen below.]

Treski speaks: I got into swimming because I tried all the other sports when I was growing up, and I was very bad at them, not coordinated on land, so swimming just stuck, and I was kind of like a fish in the water, and that led me to IUPUI. I actually transferred to IUPUI after my freshman year. It was due to the amazing coaches, the facility, being able to swim in the Natatorium, and the balance between school and swimming that I could feel from meeting my professors.

[Video: Treski stands on the platform of the pool, talking to a male swimmer. She adjusts her goggles, putting them over her eyes.]

[Video: Treski is in the pool. She starts to swim laps down the lane.]

Treski speaks in voiceover: The women’s and men’s swimming and diving teams would love to have your support and see you guys up in the stands cheering on your Jags.

[Screen goes to black]

[IU trident appears]

[Words appear: IUPUI]

[Words appear: Fulfilling the promise]

[Words appear:]


The Indiana University Natatorium

The world-class Indiana University Natatorium sealed the deal for longtime swimmer Olivia Treski.

A recent transfer student, she changed her status to “Jaguar” after her freshman year of college when she had the opportunity to interact with the IUPUI coaches and swim in the Olympic-size pool on campus.

The instant comradery Treski felt with the IUPUI swim team drew her to Indianapolis as well.

“Being part of a team is one of the benefits of doing sports in college. They are an instant family, right when you get on campus,” Treski said.

“Especially here – the athletes at IUPUI are very supportive of each other. We go to each other’s games, and other athletes will come to our swim meets to cheer us on, and there’s just a lot of support that goes on here at IUPUI.”

Learn more about Olivia Treski by watching the video above.

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