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IUPUI Works Indy: Amelia Jakubec sets her career racing with IndyCar internship

Nov 14, 2018

Description of the following video:

[Video, various shots: Jakubec appears to the right of the screen walking along a sidewalk. She is shown up close from the front, from behind walking along a sidewalk, and then on camera, sitting in front of a red backdrop]

Amelia Jakubec speaks: My name is Amelia Jakubec. I’m from Rossford, Ohio. I’m going to be a sophomore studying motorsports engineering, and I’m interning with IndyCar right now.

[Video, various shots: Jakubec is seen standing between two individuals as they all pose for a picture; Jakubec is shown standing behind a race car tire; Jakubec and another individual move an object around a garage and place it on a table to the left of the screen; men in racing gear are shown tending to a race car]

Jakubec speaks: We have two options – we can either do tech or we can do accident investigation. I usually do tech, and my job is to enforce the rules.

[Video, various shots: A driver is seen sitting down inside a race car, with men in racing gear around the front of the car; a man in green polo shirt is shown giving directions to another individual; Jakubec is shown maneuvering an object toward the front tire of a race car; the camera pans to reveal racing flags outside of race car garages; Jakubec is shown from behind carrying an object across a garage; Jakubec and a few other individuals are seen walking inside of a garage; a young man, perhaps a student, is writing on a clipboard as another man comes to him]

Jakubec speaks: I hope to be a race engineer for one of the teams. I really want to be like a strategist that calls fuel when the guy stops, and anything that goes wrong with the car, I’m going to have to fix it. It’s definitely a great resume builder. … Starting to try to get in the racing industry is very hard because you need some type of experience to, like, back you up.

[Video, various shots: Eight race care tires are shown on the concrete ground; Jakubec appears on screen sitting in front of red backdrop; men are shown pushing a race car out of a garage; men stand around a race car as one individual tends to the car wheels; men are seen pushing a race car back into a garage]

Jakubec speaks: It definitely opens up the door for other opportunities. You connect with so many people, whether it be, like, the mechanics from the different teams, whether it be the engineers from the different teams, the team owners. …

[Video, various shots: Jakubec appears on camera walking across a street with the Indianapolis skyline in the background; Jakubec is shown standing outside looking down at her phone; Jakubec is shown walking outside along a sidewalk with a brick building to her side; Jakubec is shown walking along a sidewalk with the Indianapolis skyline in the background; Jakubec is shown close-up from the front walking along a sidewalk with a parking lot in the background]

Jakubec speaks: … Being based in Indy, you wouldn’t get this anywhere else. You connect with all sorts of different people. They get to know your name, they get to know who you are and everything about you, and possibly open up other doors that you didn’t know were possible.

[Words appear: IUPUI WORKS INDY]

[Image appears: Red-colored silhouette of Indianapolis skyline in portrait format]

[Screen changes to black]

[Words appear: IUPUI]

[Words appear: Fulfilling the promise]

[Words appear:]


Amelia Jakubec

You know internships provide great experience. You also know that Indianapolis provides great opportunities. Put them together, and you have a dynamite combo that prepares you for a lifetime of success.

See how motorsports engineering sophomore Amelia Jakubec is setting the pace as an intern with IndyCar by watching the video above.

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