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High-tech startup Vemity incorporates new artificial intelligence services into its platform

Value prediction, value forecasting and sentiment analysis could benefit business-to-business clients with complex needs

For Immediate Release Nov 30, 2018

INDIANAPOLIS – Vemity, a high-tech business-to-business startup that offers artificial intelligence-as-a-service, has added new functionality to its online platform to help clients better leverage the data they collect.

CEO Brandon Boynton said users had expressed an interest in options that had not originally been available on the platform.

“As a result, we have added functionality such as value prediction, value forecasting and sentiment analysis. These could benefit users who have more unique or complicated use cases. It also opens up the potential to address challenges in almost any business,” Boynton said. “The Vemity online platform is designed to easily add more machine learning functions. Several others are on their way within the next few months, prioritized by customer need.”

The company has also redesigned its online platform to improve user experience. Boynton said changes were made to address potential clients’ anxiety about using artificial intelligence.

“Some clients may believe that leveraging AI to strengthen their business is beyond their abilities, that it’s something they can’t use. But that isn’t the case,” Boynton said. “With our new design to improve the user experience, we anticipate that a larger percentage of visitors will be able to support themselves on our platform.”

Although Vemity is not a consulting company, Boynton and its chief technology officer, Zachary Balda, will conduct assessment meetings to determine the viability of integrating AI into Indianapolis companies. Boynton said this decision reflects the company’s philosophy.

“Our mission from the beginning is to democratize AI. We want hobby developers and startups to have access to the same technology used at large corporations,” Boynton said. “Providing tools and services they need to compete against large technology companies is very important to us.”

Boynton and Balda are enrolled in the IUPUI Honors College. Boynton is a junior majoring in applied computer science; Balda is a junior majoring in computer science.

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