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Ask the Expert: 10 tech hacks everyone at IU should know

Dec 14, 2018
Dan Calarco
Dan Calarco.

Is one of your new year’s resolutions to become more tech-savvy? Check out this list of 10 tech hacks available to faculty and staff at Indiana University.

Don’t pay for software

You can download some of the most popular software – including operating systems like Windows 10, MSOffice and the Adobe Creative Suite – from IUware, saving you thousands of dollars.

Not at your computer? Not a problem

You can stream many of the same titles that you can download from IUware to any internet-connected device via IUanyWare. On your tablet at a conference and need to check if your ordinal regression was significant with 95 or 99 percent confidence? You can stream SPSS statistics software right to your iPad, no install or lengthy download necessary.

Access Wi-Fi at hundreds of other colleges and research facilities

Say you’re visiting a colleague at a school far away, it’s 1 a.m., and you don’t have an account for the university’s Wi-Fi. Not to worry; IU’s techies do some cool stuff with systems you don’t need to know about to allow you to get online when you visit campuses such as Northwestern, London School of Economics or even (gasp) Purdue. Just select the Wi-Fi network Eduroam and log in to the network with your IU credentials. It’s that easy.

Don’t pay for cloud storage

Use Box@IU for unlimited free cloud storage. Not a fan of Box? You can use your Google@IU account to upload content to your Google Drive account. Both Google and Box are free and unlimited, so you can store your entire collection of dank memes there.

Save over $100 off your cellphone bill each year

IU faculty and staff are entitled to a 14 percent discount from AT&T. Even existing customers of AT&T can transfer to the IU plan and receive the discount. Also, faculty, staff and students can receive discounts from Sprint.

Save on hardware and other stuff

In addition to cellphone plans, we also have discounts for faculty and staff from Dell, CDW, Apple and Sony for hardware. You can even save when buying a car, but that’s not really our realm of expertise, so just check out this page for a full list of discounts.

Don’t get locked out of Two-Step Login (Duo)

Be sure to register a backup Duo device so you don’t get locked out if something happens to your first choice. Don’t have a second device? No problem. You can register a Google Voice account and do your second factor from any computer, or you can visit your nearest campus support center and ask for a free Duo token. Or you can always call your campus support center. They will give you a code over the phone, but only after making sure you are who you say you are.

Sharpen your tech skills

Our award-winning UITS IT Training group provides educational support for many IT skills and initiatives. You can earn credentials through the online IT Certificate Series, or even request an IT expert come train your class in person or via web conference.

Print from any device

You probably already know you can print from student technology centers around campus, but did you know you can also print directly from your mobile device? Nifty, eh?

Stop navigating and start searching

You can use One.IU to find over 800 applications at IU. But did you know that you don’t have to know the name of the app? Search in plain English for things like “pay a parking ticket,” “when is the next bus?” or “post grades.” Odds are that one of the top results will match your search.

Dan Calarco is chief of staff for the IU Office of the Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer.

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