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7 of our favorite snowy campus scenes

Jan 9, 2019

Goodbye, 2018 – and hello to the new year! Welcome back to campus for the spring semester. Although getting a new routine down can be tedious, here are some beautiful snowy photos to help you get excited for this winter season. All photos by Liz Kaye, Indiana University.

The trees are covered in snow.

1. As snow falls, campus trees will become outlined with white, powdery frosting, showcasing the beauty of winter.

Trees behind the library are covered in snow.

2. If you need a strike of inspiration or a breath of fresh air as the semester begins, head to the balcony behind the library, where you can look out over the abundance of snow-kissed trees.

The library fountain is surrounded by a blanket of snow.

3. The fountain behind the library is pleasant in every season, not just while the water is on. Once the snow comes down, this will be the perfect photo opportunity for any social media page.

Powdery snow covers the ground and buildings.

4. If you’re looking for somewhere to have a snowball fight or to build a castle like the one in “Frozen,” the field beside the library would be the perfect location.

Snow covers the pine trees.

5. A snow-covered pine tree is the classic winter scene that never fails to be worthy of admiration.

Snow covers the library courtyard.

6. Campus has many overlooks where you can see from above to get a different view. Don’t miss the opportunity to find these spots as snow appears and you can look out across the sparkling white ground.

Seating in front of the library is covered in snow.

7. Though it might not be the time of year you want to casually sit outside, the library courtyard is a good place to watch others initiate a snowball war in the adjacent field.


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