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New research center focuses on inclusion, social policy

For Immediate Release Jan 14, 2019

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs and the IU Public Policy Institute have announced a new research center dedicated to issues that address equitable outcomes related to social policy.

The Center for Research on Inclusion and Social Policy, or CRISP, will serve as a centralized resource for reliable, nonpartisan data, research and analysis on interrelated issues that make up the elements of social policy.

“A lot of the issues that create disparities within and between communities are about more than just that one discipline,” said Breanca Merritt, director of the center. “It’s about the confluence of many other issues. Working to reduce disparities is a very complex task because you really have to tackle problems across a multitude of areas. CRISP is where all that research comes together.”

CRISP’s team of analysts will provide ongoing research and evaluation on a variety of inclusion- and equity-based topics such as poverty, immigration, education, housing, and many other issues that are timely and relevant to Hoosiers.

The Center for Research on Inclusion and Social Policy operates within the IU Public Policy Institute, a part of SPEA Indianapolis on the IUPUI campus. The institute’s director, Tom Guevara, echoed Merritt’s statements.

“When legislators, community leaders and neighbors have a better understanding of social issues, it provides an opportunity for our communities to move forward collectively.” Guevara said. “Dr. Merritt and her team will examine issues affecting disparity and inequity in a way that creates a neutral ground for community conversations around these differences so communities can address them more effectively and succeed together.” 

Learn more about CRISP and its projects at the Public Policy Institute’s website.

About the IU Public Policy Institute

The IU Public Policy Institute, housed within the IU School of Public and Environmental Affairs on the IUPUI campus, produces unbiased research and data-driven, objective, expert analysis that helps those in the public, private and nonprofit sectors make better decisions that directly impact quality of life in Indiana and throughout the nation. 

About SPEA

The IU School of Public and Environmental Affairs prepares students to address the issues of modern society through work in the government, nonprofit and private sectors. SPEA works to improve our communities, states, nation and world through degrees in civic leadership, criminal justice, public safety management, media and public affairs, environmental sustainability, and other tracks.

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