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Indianapolis Sustainability Summit at IUPUI to develop path to achieving new sustainability goals

Mar 14, 2019

IUPUI will host the 2019 Indianapolis Sustainability Summit, at which business, nonprofit and civic leaders will discuss the new Marion County sustainability plan.

The summit will take place April 17 at the IUPUI Campus Center, 420 University Blvd.

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The IUPUI Office of Sustainability seeks to be recognized as a national leader in urban sustainability while supporting student success and the well-being of citizens of Indianapolis.

On Feb. 21, the Metropolitan Development Commission of Marion County adopted Thrive Indianapolis, a sustainability and resilience action plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve community resiliency.

The daylong summit will focus on the eight elements of Thrive Indianapolis: built environment, economy, energy, food and urban agriculture, natural resources, public health and safety, transportation and land use, and waste and recycling.

“The ultimate goal of the 2019 Indianapolis Sustainability Summit is to start a discussion around the role each of us plays in meeting our climate goals, whether that be reducing greenhouse gas emissions or diverting waste,” said Jessica G. Davis, director of the IUPUI Office of Sustainability.

Attendees will be asked to reflect on their capacity to contribute, with the most ambitious committing to continuing the conversation with the city over the course of the coming year, Davis said.

IUPUI hosted the inaugural Indianapolis Sustainability Summit in 2018. Discussions at that event provided insights into what a sustainable Indianapolis means to city residents. Those insights helped craft the goals and actions in Thrive Indianapolis.

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