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IU engagement efforts continue to strengthen state’s economic vitality

Apr 5, 2019

Indiana University continues to be an engine for economic development and innovation throughout the state, and now it is easier for Hoosiers to see the university’s impact.

In a presentation at the Board of Trustees meeting this week, Vice President for Engagement Bill Stephan highlighted some of the key ways IU has served as a vital resource for advancing economic development in Indiana.

Graphic showing information about IU's statewide impact
An accessible version of this graphic is available online.Graphic by Samantha Thompson, Indiana University

“Indiana University’s engagement efforts support our mission to connect with all regions of the state and further develop the statewide economy and workforce,” Stephan said. “Throughout the state, we have advanced campus initiatives and engaged partners and organizations to strengthen and expand our positive influence, and it is inspiring to see the direct impact of IU on Hoosiers’ daily lives.”

In economic terms, the evidence of IU’s local, regional and state impact is in the numbers.

IU continues to be the state’s largest employer, with more than 100,000 jobs supported by IU and IU Health. In Indiana alone, IU has contributed over $561 million in purchases and $1.31 billion in taxable county wages, bolstering Indiana’s economic vitality.

Focusing only on Indiana, IU has the largest impact of any higher education institution in the state, with more than 64,000 in-state students enrolled, about 17,000 degrees completed by in-state residents and more than 325,000 alumni living in the state.

“As we strengthen and build upon our relationships across Indiana, we have had the opportunity to share IU’s impact directly with members of the community,” Stephan said. “It’s exciting to be able to go one step further with the Statewide Impact website and make that information available to everyone.”

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Created last year through collaboration and partnership among several offices – including the IU Alumni Association, University Institutional Research and Reporting, IU Communications, the IU Office of the Vice President for Government Relations, the IU Office of the Vice President for Engagement and IU Office of the Bicentennial – the website represents the university’s direct influence across each of the state’s 92 counties. The interactive site has provided information about how IU is educating Hoosiers, supporting economic growth and further developing Indiana’s sustainable infrastructure. The data is designed to provide useful economic information about IU’s reach and its significant investments.

The site’s dynamic and intuitive design allows visitors to select a county or region, with associated data appearing alongside a statewide map, such as the number of alumni living in certain regions and the university’s spending by county.

IU’s Office of the Vice President for Engagement has also expanded outreach efforts throughout Indiana with the development of Innovation Gateways. These dedicated engagement locations, designed to promote innovation and entrepreneurship, allow the university to connect to all regions of the state to further develop the statewide economy and workforce.

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