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Pride of Indiana: Thank-you messages to and from IU employees

Apr 10, 2019
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Pride of Indiana is a regular feature in Inside IU that allows Indiana University faculty and staff to recognize their colleagues for IU-related work they’ve done that goes above and beyond their job duties or responsibilities.

Submit a Pride of Indiana shout-out for a colleague who makes a difference in your department.

Thank you to the following IU employees:

IU Bloomington

Karen Ellis, of the Academic Advising Office, College of Arts and Sciences, whose nominator wrote: “Thank you to Karen Ellis for organizing and supervising the College’s participation in Credit Transfer 101 recently. Karen coordinated advising appointments for approximately 30 prospective students and made sure that the program went smoothly for students and advisors alike. Thank you, Karen, for your dedication, adaptability and good humor.”

Pablo Pesa, of the IU Police Department, whose nominator wrote: “Pablo went above and beyond when doing his job to make sure I got all of my questions answered and I had all of the information I needed, including multiple phone calls, emails and a visit to my office. He was patient and understanding throughout the entire process and saw the situation through to a resolution. I really appreciated all of the time he took on what I am certain was only a small piece of his workload.”


Emily Kempski, of the Office of Equal Opportunity, whose nominator wrote: “Emily, thank you for your unwavering support for individuals with disabilities. You have prioritized efforts related to campus accessibility – and I have faith your efforts will pay off – by enhancing our environment to be welcoming for all.”

Krista Hoffmann-Longtin, of the School of Medicine and School of Liberal Arts, whose nominator wrote: “Krista Hoffmann-Longtin is an amazing talent who uses her communications expertise to help IU’s researchers share their valuable work with the public. Through Krista’s inspiring instruction, faculty learn how to make complex topics both understandable and appealing. IU has so many great stories to share, and Krista helps breathe life into those stories through her commitment to the university and its faculty.”

IU Kokomo

Kelli Keener, of the Office of Student Success and Advising, whose nominator wrote: “Thanks so much, Kelli, for your deliberate and excellent leadership in the Office of Student Success and Advising. You work tirelessly to ensure student success, as well as encourage and promote professional development for your staff. Coaching training has made a transformative change in the office. We are connecting with our students, colleagues and each other in a more intentional way. You are so appreciated by all on campus, and keep doing the wonderful things you do!”

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