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Come on and take a free ride on JagLine, IUPUI’s new shuttle bus system

Aug 28, 2019
Alexandria Murphy alights from the JagLine.
IUPUI student body president Alexandria Murphy alights from the JagLine, the campus’s new shuttle bus system.Photo by Liz Kaye, Indiana University

Students, staff, faculty and the community have a new, sleek – and free! – way to get around campus this academic year.

JagLine consists of 12 new buses running six different routes north, south, east and west. Equipped with Wi-Fi, grab bars with safety straps and more seating than previous buses, JagLine has gotten positive early reviews.

“I like the space, and the air conditioning is better than the old buses,” said Alexandria Murphy, a political science senior and the IUPUI student body president.

During a recent ride-along, Murphy hopped onto the Crimson route, also known as Route 1, at University Tower. She rode it past her residence at Ball Hall to attend a meeting on the western edge of campus near the Limestone Street stop.

A proponent for public transportation options, Murphy said the new routes will take some time to learn, but she was pleased with her experience.

“I’m an RA, so I live on campus, and I love utilizing these shuttle buses,” she said.

Description of the following video:

[Video: Split-screen treatment with video above and below of a JagLine bus opening its door and Jazzy boarding]

[Title appears over the lower video: How to: Use JAGLINE shuttles]

[Music: driving electronic music starts and plays throughout]

[Upper video: Jazzy checks out the JagLine app on a smartphone, then a close-up on the screen]

[Title appears over the lower video: 1. Download the JagLine app to view all 6 routes & live track shuttles]

[Upper video: Jazzy walks out of the Campus Center to board a JagLine bus.]

[Title appears over the lower video: 2. Wait at the nearest shuttle stop (shuttles operate every 10 to 20 minutes)]

[Video: Jazzy boards, sits down and takes a ride on the JagLine.}

[Title appears over the lower video: That’s literally it.]

[Video: More footage of the JagLine app is shown in both videos, plus a close-up on the app in the upper video showing how to set push notifications.]

[Title appears over the lower video: Planning for a ride later? Set a push notification alert directly on the app]

[Video: JagLine logo appears in upper video.]

[Title appears in the lower video: Find JAGLINE on the Apple and Android stores.]

The routes

All routes mobilize Monday through Friday, excluding university holidays. Route 1 operates on the weekends, but with limited service.

  • Running from 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m., routes 1 (Crimson) and 2 (Gray) are campus circulators, supporting movement from east to west and back again along Michigan and New York streets. The weekend route runs 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.
  • Route 3 (Yellow) provides access to the North Campus parking lots and stops at University Tower and major points on Michigan Street between University Boulevard and West Street.
  • Route 4 (Blue) provides access to the North Campus parking lots and stops at major medical buildings and facilities on campus. Routes 3 and 4 run from 5:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m.
  • Route 5 (Purple), which goes from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., provides a north-south connection, with stops at the Madam C.J. Walker Theatre Center, Lockefield Village, the Tower and the Campus Center. Route 5 will also link up with the IndyGo Red Line starting Sunday, Sept. 1, at the northeast corner of Vermont Street and Capitol Avenue. Riders should look for “Jagline Shuttle to IUPUI Campus” signage. The frequency will be 20 minutes. “Connecting to the Red Line fits in with our strategic vision of expanding and investing in other transportation solutions for our students, faculty, staff and visitors,” said Sheri Eggleton, director of IUPUI Parking and Transportation Services.
  • Route 6 (Green) is a dedicated shuttle route intended to provide additional options for those parking near the Health Information and Translational Sciences building, or HITS. It operates from 5:45 a.m. to 10 p.m.

“I think this offers great access,” said Andrew McGee, associate director of Parking and Transportation Services. “Passengers can get off at the Red Line station, hop on the JagLine and come over to campus.”

JagLine stops at the Campus Center.
The JagLine makes stops at the Campus Center.Photo by Liz Kaye, Indiana University

Routes 1 and 4 arrive at their stops every 15 minutes during peak hours, while routes 2 and 3 arrive every 10 minutes on average. Expect buses on routes 5 and 6 to arrive about every 20 minutes.

How to ride

All you need to do is get to a JagLine stop and board. Drivers wait just a few seconds before departing, so it’s recommended to be nearby. The JagLine app gives riders alerts about approaching buses as well as their available capacity levels.

“If it’s bad weather, you can set up alerts for when the shuttle is arriving to your stop,” McGee said. “That way, if it’s raining, you can stay inside and then hurry out before it gets there.”

Most routes pass through the intersection of Michigan Street and University Boulevard, which is becoming a hub of public transportation with IndyGo, IU Health and Campus Commute buses all routing through.

Americans with Disabilities Act compliant

The new buses offer several features that comply to the Americans with Disabilities Act. A ramp folds out for passengers with a push of a button, and seats fold up to create room for wheelchairs, which are then secured in place for the ride.

Fast facts

  • Buses seat 20-26 riders, but room for standing passengers has been made available for the first time with JagLine. More passengers can ride than ever before.
  • Food and drinks with lids are allowed, within reason. A half-eaten bagel is OK, but leave the full-course meal at home.
  • Every bus can carry two bicycles on a front rack.
  • JagLine debuted on July 1.
  • The service is operated by Indianapolis-based Miller Transportation.

From the driver’s seat

Kim Anderson was behind the wheel on a bright, sunny and sweltering August afternoon. Despite the heat, Anderson expressed excitement over the new JagLine routes.

“I get to see how beautiful this campus is,” she said. “I think the new routes will really help people.”

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