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New and improved facilities coming in 2019-20

Sep 4, 2019
A look inside Madam Walker Legacy Center under construction
The Madam Walker Legacy Center saw major renovations this summer.Photo by Chaz Mottinger, Indiana University

As the 2019-20 academic year begins, IUPUI has four major construction and renovation projects ongoing. Once complete, all will have major bearing on the campus. Below are some quick updates on each.

Madam Walker Legacy Center

Completion: November 2019

This whole-building renovation includes installing updated electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems but will also add event spaces, offices and some classrooms for use by both IUPUI and the Madam Walker Legacy Center. Historic features will be restored and highlighted; other improvements include adding universally accessible restrooms on each floor and installing a modern, larger elevator with direct access to the fourth-floor ballroom.

Innovation Hall

Completion: August 2020

Description of the following video:

[Music: Playful, fun music plays throughout.]

[Video: Images of Innovation Hall being built are shown in a time-lapse, rapid-fire succession.]

[Screen fades to black]

[Title appears: IU trident, IUPUI,]

Construction is on schedule, and the most visible and impactful effort to date has been the erection of the concrete structure. The second- and third-floor concrete decks are complete, and construction of the roof deck is now underway. The first-floor slab will be poured in September and will take three weeks to complete. The building is scheduled to be enclosed at the end of 2019, and final completion is set for August 2020.

Informatics and Communications Technology Complex

Completion: March 2020

The renovation of floors 1, 2 and 3 of the east wing of the Informatics and Communications Technology Complex will consolidate existing University Information Technology Services departments that are currently dispersed throughout the building. The project will be completed in three phases of one floor per phase, and construction is underway on the first phase. The first floor will be completed in September 2019. The second floor will follow and be complete in December, and the third floor will wrap up the project in March 2020.

Ball Hall

Completion: July 2021

This is a two-phase project that takes about half of the residence rooms out of service each school year, starting this year with Ball Hall and then next year with the Ball Annex. Demolition activities were accelerated to be completed over the summer prior to the students’ return. Improvements include all-new toilet and shower rooms, centralized air conditioning and heating, and new flooring and finishes. The police department currently located in the Annex will remain operational throughout the entire project.

Beth Feickert is the capital planning project specialist for Indiana University.


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