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Upperclassmen lending a hand up

Sep 4, 2019

Classes have finally started, and somehow you already feel like you’re drowning in questions. Where do I get involved? Who can I ask for help? How should I be preparing for my future career?

The Involvement Expo is a great place to find organizations you're interested in on campus.
Students attend the Involvement Expo to learn about student clubs, groups and organizations.Liz Kaye, Indiana University

You’re not the only one who’s asked these questions. Freshman year is a learning experience, and those who have aced it are always willing to tutor.

Here are some bite-sized pieces of advice from upperclassmen.

Victor Creed, member of Model United Nations
Victor Creed stresses the importance of finding internships and networking as early as possible to kick-start your career path.Photo by Drew Hansen, Indiana University

Victor Creed

Junior, political science

“Look for internships, preferably paid, in your major early on. JagJobs is a great place to start.”

“Try to get involved with anything on campus that fits your interests. The Den is a great place to find different organizations and clubs.”

“Build your network and make connections in your field. An upcoming job fair is a great opportunity to kick-start your networking.”

Rexella Abaigar
Rexella Abaigar says there are great tutoring resources on campus to keep you from falling behind.Photo by Drew Hansen, Indiana University

Rexella Abaigar

Junior, nursing

“Take advantage of any free tutoring or resources; don’t be afraid to ask for help. The Bepko Learning Center will help you find a tutor.”

“Don’t be afraid to ask your RA any questions – they don’t bite!”

“If you’re running short on sleep, the couches in Herron are great for taking naps.”

Katie Pfeiffer loves being a STEM student.
Proud STEMinist Katie Pfeiffer, a senior, encourages freshmen to get involved, follow their dreams and work hard – because the time goes fast.Photo by Drew Hansen, Indiana University

Katie Pfeiffer

Senior, mechanical engineering

“Always follow your dreams and work hard, and you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.”

“Getting involved helped me land a job. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone! Check out the Division of Student Affairs webpage for options.”

“Enjoy yourself and live in the moment, because the time goes by fast.”

You may feel lost now, but following these tips will help you find your place. There are plenty of opportunities on this campus – you just have to meet them halfway.

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