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Finding sophomore success

Sep 11, 2019

Description of the following video:

[Video: The video is animated, with a red background. A diverse group of students stands in a crowd, cheering. One student stands out near the center of the group. He appears larger, as if he is closer to the viewer than the rest of the students in the group.]

[Words appear in top-center: Entering your sophomore year?]

[Words appear in bottom-left corner: IUPUI presents]

[Words appear in top-center: Take advantage of all campus offers!]

Mandy Porter, IUPUI coordinator for student success and outreach, speaks in voiceover: Entering your sophomore year at IUPUI? Take advantage of all the resources the university offers your second year.

[Video: Porter appears on camera against a red background.]

[Words appear to her right: Sophomore Experience Programs]

[Words appear: Mandy Porter; Coordinator for Student Success and Outreach]

Porter speaks: Sophomore Experience Programs is an office on this campus in the Division of Student Affairs that hosts …

[Video: Two photographs are shown. The camera slowly zooms in on each picture. The first picture is of two female African American students showing off their bowls of ice cream at the Annual Ice Cream Social. The second picture is a diverse group of male students posing at the Campus Center.]

Porter speaks in voiceover: … multiple events throughout the year for sophomore students.

[Words appear: 50% of dropouts happen in the sophomore year or later.]

[Video: A bar chart with an arrow pointing downward appears in the left part of the screen.]

Porter speaks in voiceover: Past freshman year, over 50 percent of the dropout rates happen after that sophomore year, or during the sophomore year or after.

[Video: Two animated students appear in the left side of the screen. One is male and one is female. Above each of them is a speech bubble. Inside each speech bubble is a heart.]

[Words appear in the right side: IUPUI is here to help.]

Porter speaks in voiceover: We decided to find a way to combat these challenges that sophomore students face.

[Words appear in the top center: Two main events: “Sophomore Socials” and “Chew on This.”]

[Words appear in the bottom left: “Sophomore Socials”; a confetti popper is above the words and spews confetti.]

[Words appear in the bottom right: “Chew on This”; a place setting with a glass, plate, fork and knife appears above the words]

Porter speaks in voiceover: There are two main types of programs that we offer. We offer “Sophomore Socials,” and we also offer “Chew on This,” which are our interactive workshop series for students.

[Words appear: Office of Student Employment]

[Words appear: Michele George; Student Employment Consultant]

[Video: Michele George appears on camera.]

Michele George speaks in voiceover: We talk about skill synergy – how to connect the idea …

[Words appear: Connect your degree to your career.]

[Video: Above the words “your degree” is a picture of a diploma. To the right of the diploma is an arrow icon pointing to three animated individuals. One is dressed as a doctor. One is dressed as a police officer. One is wearing a business suit. The group of animated individuals is above the words “to your career.”]

George speaks in voiceover: … your degree, with your career.

[Video: An animated cloud with web signals emerging from the bottom of the cloud appears on the left side of the screen. An envelope with the “@” symbol on its flap appears on the right side of the screen.]

George speaks in voiceover: We also send out an email campaign to all sophomore students, trying to get them more involved with using their work study.

[Words appear on the left side of the screen: Keep sophomores connected.]

[Video: A symbol representing “connection” appears on the right side of the screen. The symbol is a series of lines that are connected by circles. The symbol is animated and bounces slightly.]

George speaks in voiceover: They may have had it in their freshman year, but we want to keep them connected.

[Words appear on the right side of the screen: Campus Career and Advising Services]

[Video: Brian Benedict appears on camera on the left side of the screen.]

[Words appear: Brian Benedict; Assistant Director for Internships]

Benedict speaks: We developed the sophomore program to focus on …

[Video appears while Benedict is speaking: Two animated students are working in a science lab. One is holding a test tube, while the other is writing on a clipboard.

[Words appear along the bottom: Focus on students doing internships earlier,]

Benedict speaks in voiceover: … students doing internships earlier, and also …

[Video: Two animated students are working in an office. They are sitting at a long table-like shared desk, working on their computers.]

[Words appear: and helping all students find an internship.]

Benedict speaks in voiceover: … targeting groups of students that were less likely overall to do internships.

[Video: An animated male is sitting at a desk in the left part of the screen. He is working on a computer. He is wearing a business suit. Behind him are rotating gears.]

[Words appear in the right part of the screen: IUPUI helps find employers for its students.]

Benedict speaks in voiceover: We have employers that we vet and that we look at their positions and decide if they are a good fit.

[Video: The screen is divided into four quarters. The top-left section has four icons of individuals, with an arrow pointing upward as if in a graph, and the words “Matching process.” The top-right section has a pencil-and-paper icon and the words “Help with resumes.” The pencil is animated and appears to be writing on the paper. The bottom-left section has an icon with two speech bubbles, indicating a conversation, and the words “Help with interviews.” The bottom-right section shows two animated hands shaking and the words “Match with an employer.”]

Benedict speaks in voiceover: And then we recruit the students and we do a matching process. We prepare the students with resumes and interviewing prep. And then we match them up together. We let them employers interview the students.

[Video: Two animated arms appear in the center of the screen. They shake hands.]

Benedict speaks in voiceover: And if they both match up, then the student spends the next semester working with that employer.

[Video: Emily Braught, residence coordinator in Academic Initiatives, appears on camera.]

[Words appear to her right: Sophomore Explore and Engage Program]

[Words appear along bottom: Emily Braught; Residence Coordinator, Academic Initiatives]

Emily Braught speaks: The Sophomore Explore and Engage Program is a financial scholarship …

[Video: Animated dollar bills appear on the left side of the screen. They stack on top of one another. On the right side, words appear: “A financial scholarship for students who live on campus.” Next, a female student wearing a cap and gown appears on the bottom-right of the screen. A thought bubble appears above her, to show she is thinking. Next, an animated classroom scene appears. A female teacher is standing next to her desk, talking to three students. A lightbulb is shown next to the teacher’s head, to show she has an idea. Next, an animated hand holding dollar bills can be seen.]

Braught speaks in voiceover: … where students have an opportunity to engage in some self-guided reflection and activities, that if they complete throughout the semester in its entirety, then there’s a financial scholarship at the end.

[Words appear: For more information about sophomore programs, contact: Educational Partnerships & Student Success, Office of Student Employment, Campus Career and Advising Services, Housing and Residence Life]

[Screen goes to black]

[IU trident appears]

[Words appear: IUPUI]


Sophomore Engagement video

Some students hit a rough patch when they become sophomores. To combat some of the issues second-year students face, IUPUI has launched four programs designed to make their academic journey smoother, help keep them connected to campus and provide them with job-hunting resources.

Educational Partnerships and Student Success

This office within the Division of Student Affairs maintains the Sophomore Experience Programs – events throughout the year specifically for sophomore and second-year students. The main activities include the “Chew on This” series and the “Sophomore Socials” series. “Chew on This” is an interactive workshop series offered twice a month during lunchtime. This series discusses topics like studying abroad, finances, career readiness and stress management. “Sophomore Socials” are an informal environment for sophomores where they can chill out with other second-year students while munching on snacks, doing something crafty or just listening to music.

Office of Student Employment

The Office of Student Employment assists students looking for resources for resume-building, writing cover letters and preparing for interviews. It also continues to provide support for second-year students related to their work-study funding. Expect email reminders specifically for sophomores, designed to maintain the connection with all Federal Work-Study employment opportunities.

Campus Career and Advising Services

This office within the Division of Undergraduate Education developed its sophomore program to help second-year students find internships earlier in their college career. Campus Career and Advising Services vets employers and positions, making sure they will be the right fit for each individual student. This office also helps students in the Sophomore Internship Program prepare resumes and practice interview skills. It encourages students not enrolled in the program to speak with their school’s career services office or the Office of Student Employment.

Sophomore Explore and Engage Program

The SEE program is a scholarship opportunity through the Office of Housing and Residence Life for second-year students who live on campus. Students go through various online assignments that encourage them to make real campus connections, reflect on who they are as unique individuals, and then tie what they have learned into a real-life project that helps them both acclimate to their second year in college and prepare for life after school. For each semester completed, participants receive a stipend of up to $250.

For more information about sophomore engagement opportunities at IUPUI, watch the video above.

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