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Great getaways: Quiet places to escape at IUPUI

Feb 19, 2020

It’s hard to get eight hours of sleep a night. There’s always one more paper to write, or one more chapter to read, that’s got you burning the midnight oil. How are you supposed to balance all that work and get enough rest?

Easy – think like a cat. You’re a Jaguar, right?

Your typical jungle-dwelling feline will grab some shuteye whenever and wherever possible to give them the energy to power through a long day of chasing prey and scratching up trees with their claws to mark their territory.

IUPUI Jaguars need catnaps, too. Here’s a guide to spots on campus where you can get away for a little R&R.

North Hall classrooms

Open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., these classrooms are rarely occupied by an actual class, which gives your average Jag a great place to unwind during the day. Here, you’ll find a projector and desktop PC that all students can log onto and have private movie screenings to get away from it all.

A student takes a break by catching a movie.
The best way to blow off some steam? Watching some old PSAs from the 1950s.Photo by Drew Hansen, Indiana University

University Hall study spaces

On the second floor of University Hall, you’ll find a string of mini conference rooms, including Room 2063. You can connect your laptop to the flat-screen TV for when you have those dreaded group projects you need to collaborate on or just need a quiet nook to read, meditate or catch up on some Z’s.

A student falls asleep while reading their textbook.
A rigorous study session has this man out cold.Photo by Drew Hansen, Indiana University

University Tower 2nd-floor couches

What better place to grab a quick nap than in a building meant to house sleeping students? On the second floor of University Tower, which is open to all students, you’ll find a sweet selection of armchairs and ottomans a resourceful Jag could rearrange to create a satisfactory sleeping space.

A student catches a nap in University Tower.
I’m not sleeping. I’m just resting my eyes!Photo by Drew Hansen, Indiana University

Hine Hall upstairs lobby

If you enter Hine Hall, climb a flight of stairs and locate the central lobby, you’ll find an open space with enough furniture to seat an army. We’re talkin’ armchairs, couches, tables and ottomans. You’ll find pretty much anything you could need in this room, so pull up a chair and work at a table or stretch out on a sofa and start counting those sheep.

A student studies in Hine Hall.
Hine Hall has great furniture where you can stretch out and get some studying done.Photo by Liz Kaye, Indiana University

Obviously, your day as a Jaguar will entail much more than catching catnaps between classes, but it never hurts to know a spot where you can get one. After all, caffeine will only help you run through the jungle for so long.


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