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Extended schedule, drive-thru check-in will keep students, staff safe during IU Bloomington move-in

Jul 29, 2020

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story was last updated Aug. 7. 

Starting Aug. 9, Indiana University Bloomington students will begin moving into residential housing for the 2020-21 academic year. A new schedule and new processes will be implemented for move-in this year in an effort to keep the IU and Bloomington community safe and limit the spread of the coronavirus.

Description of the following video:

TRANSCRIPT: What to Expect: Drive-Through Check-In for “arrive and stay”


[VIDEO: A point of view shot from a car driving down the 45/46 bypass in Bloomington, Indiana.]


[WORDS APPEAR: Enter Gate 11. Students using drop-and-go, use gate 2.]


[VIDEO: The car enters Gate 11 and continues to drive through the Memorial Stadium parking lot.]


[WORDS APPEAR: Welcome station. Here, staff will let you know what to expect in the process ahead, including what test you will take, and a description of the symptoms of COVID-19.]


[VIDEO: The car continues to drive through the Memorial Stadium parking lot.]


[WORDS APPEAR: Step 1: Symptom Check. Staff will ask you if you have any symptoms of COVID-19. You will then be directed to your test location.]


[VIDEO: The car continues to drive through the parking lot and eventually pulls up to an IU staff member.]


[WORDS APPEAR: Step 2: COVID-19 test. Staff will guide you to do a swab of your own nose, which should be quick and painless.]


[VIDEO: The car continues to drive through the stadium parking lot.


[WORDS APPEAR: Step 3: Wait for your results. Wait in your assigned spot for your test results. “IU GUEST” Wi-Fi is available while you wait. Results should take 30 minutes or less. If your test came back positive, our team will talk with you about next steps.]


[VIDEO: The car continues to drive through the stadium parking lot, pulling up again to an IU staff member. ]


[WORDS APPEAR: Step 4: Compliance check. Confirm you’ve signed the Student Commitment Form and had a negative pre-arrival test. Get your Crimson Card and room access.]


[VIDEO: The car continues to drive through the parking lot and pulls out onto 17th Street in Bloomington.]


[WORDS APPEAR: Know where you’re going. You can find directions to your residence hall at:]


[VIDEO: The car continues driving down 17th Street, headed west.]


[VIDEO: The screen fades to black with the words Indiana University in white, and a white trident in a red square.]


The move-in timeline will be broken up into several phases and spread out over two weeks, with no more than 1,500 students moving to campus per day. Certain groups will be able to move in earlier than others, and students will be required to schedule their move-in slot during a date that is available to their group.

Students who reside in Indiana or its bordering states (Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio) will be encouraged to move their belongings into their rooms between Aug. 11 and 14 then leave, returning to campus on Aug. 20 or later. Early move-in will not be available except to international students.

When students arrive to campus, they will go through a drive-thru check-in process at Memorial Stadium with stops as follows:

  • First stop: Symptom check. Students will be asked if they are exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19. They will then be directed to their testing location. 
  • Second stop: COVID-19 test: Students moving into on-campus housing and remaining on campus will be tested for coronavirus. Students participating in “Drop and Go” will follow a different check-in process and will take this test when they return to campus to stay. 
  • Third stop: Test results. Students and their guests will wait in an assigned spot for their test results. Free wifi will be available during the wait. Results should take 30 minutes or less. If a student’s test comes back positive, an IU staff member will walk them through next steps. 
  • Fourth stop: Compliance check. Students will verify that they have signed the Student Commitment Form as well as the 2020-21 Residence Hall and Furnished Apartment Housing Contract Addendum. Staff will also confirm that students have tested negative for COVID-19 in the 10 days before arrival. Residents of Indiana and bordering states will complete this check when returning to campus to stay on Aug. 20 or later. Students will also receive their Crimson Card at this stop, along with directions and guidelines for unloading their belongings.

Students will be allowed to bring only two guests to help them move into their residence hall, and all parties will be required to wear a mask while doing so. Masks must be worn when entering all IU buildings and in outdoor spaces where physical distancing is difficult to maintain. Residential Programs and Services staff will monitor the elevators and ensure that everyone practices appropriate physical distancing.

At Eigenmann, Wright, Forest, Foster and the Avenue – locations where curbside parking is limited – movers will be on hand to help students with their belongings. Students may ship belongings, clearly labeled with their name and room number, directly to their residence hall beginning Aug. 3.

Parking will be free in all CH spaces around the residence halls until 7 p.m. on each move-in day. Cars will need to be moved to the stadium for overnight parking. Because each move-in day will be capped at 1,500 students, traffic is expected to be light, and campus traffic patterns will not be altered as in years past.

Students should continue to monitor their email and the Fall 2020 website for major university updates. The Residential Programs and Services Move-in Guides are also up to date with useful information for students.


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