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IUPUI ready to welcome students with revamped move-in plans for campus housing

Aug 5, 2020
Students move into a dorm at IUPUI.
Students could move in side-by-side at IUPUI during 2019’s move-in weekend. This year’s procedures are different.Photo by Liz Kaye, Indiana University

August could be dubbed “move-in month” at IUPUI as the university welcomes back students after an extended time away due to COVID-19. With the pandemic still posing a threat, IUPUI has revamped its move-in plans and has prepared an efficient process to assist those returning to campus this fall.

Move-in will take place over the course of approximately 10 days, Aug. 12 to 22. During this period, students will not incur additional housing charges to ensure they can move in their belongings in a manner that supports physical distancing. However, students who request – and are approved – to move in prior to Aug. 12 will incur additional prorated charges.

Students need to sign up for a move-in time through the scheduling tool that was sent to their IUPUI email account from Housing and Residence Life. They have until Aug. 19 to sign up to move in. Students who arrive without signing up will not be permitted to move in.

In addition, students must arrive during their established arrival window to move in; IUPUI will not be able to accommodate students who arrive outside of their arrival window.

After students sign up, a confirmation email will be sent to their IUPUI email account with details about the move-in process and additional instructions. Upon arrival on campus for move-in, students should report to the Gateway Garage for Step 1, where signage will direct them where to go. Students should stay in their car and wait for instruction from the staff on-site.

At Step 1, students can expect the following to happen, in order:

  1. A testing process is facilitated by health care professionals.
  2. Students receive two IUPUI-branded masks.
  3. Student proceeds to CrimsonCard pickup if they do not have one (provided they do not test positive for COVID-19).
  4. Student proceeds to the Housing and Residence Life table to receive instructions for moving to Step 2 of the move-in process.

No student will be allowed to move to Step 2 without completing Step 1. Students will encounter the following at Step 2:

  1. Students drive to the unloading zone at their residential community.
  2. Students and their maximum of two guests will unload their items and take them to their room/apartment. NOTE: Students and guests MUST wear face coverings outside of their vehicle.
  3. Before setting up the room, students need to follow the signs and relocate their vehicle(s) to long-term parking near their residential community.
  4. After taking their vehicles to long-term parking, students can set up their room with their guests.

It is expected that students will be able to complete the entire move-in process in 2 to 3 hours, depending on the number of items the student is bringing and provided there are no unexpected delays due to weather or logistics.

Several guidelines have been instituted to ensure that everyone is safe during the process. All students, guests and staff are required to wear face coverings. Move-in has been set up to promote physical distancing by way of signage, stanchions and cones and through scheduling at Step 1 of the process.

There will be a limited number of guests for each individual and a limited amount of people who move in each day to help promote physical distancing and overcrowding. The testing in Step 1 is in place to prevent and deter people who are sick from moving through the process.

If a student is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, they must stay home. They will be able to work with the Housing and Residence Life office to reschedule when they are either confirmed negative for COVID-19 and/or have recovered and been approved to return by a medical professional. If guests are not feeling well, they must stay home. Guests who are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 will not be allowed in residential communities.

Students who are identified as positive for COVID-19 will not be allowed to move in and will be asked to return home and isolate/quarantine on the timeline provided to them by the medical professionals on-site. Students who cannot return home for an extenuating reason will be directed to quarantine/isolation housing provided by Housing and Residence Life and will need to take their belongings to the quarantine space for the entire duration of their quarantine/isolation period.

For more information on housing at IUPUI, visit Housing and Residence Life at

Fall 2020

Indiana University is looking forward to welcoming students, faculty and staff to the fall semester. The university has provided safety guidelines, an academic calendar, FAQs, and campus-specific guidance for move-in, testing, teaching and learning at


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